Developed technology to create high-quality holographic displays


2017-02-12 07:30:04




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Create a holographic display that would be qualitative and accessible to everyone — it is very distant future. But development in this area is ongoing. And recently researchers from the Korean Institute of science and advanced technology managed to create a prototype of a dynamic three-dimensional holographic display of a new type, the parameters of which are more than 2.5 thousand times exceeded the parameters of any existing counterpart.

Currently, «bottleneck» holographic technologies is the matrix consisting of the usual two-dimensional pixels. In their work, Korean researchers used a simple high-quality display, and as a carrier of information was the front optical pulse to create using a special modulator. This combination allowed us to create a high quality hologram size in 1 cubic centimeter. As claimed by a research group headed by Yongbeom Park (YongKeun Park)

«Previously it was thought that diffusion of light — this undesirable phenomenon when it comes to holographic devices. But we demonstrated that this effect can be made to work better with the proper approach. And due to «right» use of light scattering we were able to get an increased viewing angle and resolution in excess of two thousand and a half times those of any previously created holograms».

the Principle of operation of a prototype of a new holographic screen

The Korean scientists believe that their development could be the first step on the path to creating large, high-quality and affordable three-dimensional holographic displays, which will greatly facilitate the lives of doctors, engineers and scientists. In addition, it is unlikely that someone would refuse such a display at home.


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