Elon Musk: if people don't want to one day become useless, they should become cyborgs


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Elon Musk: if people don't want to one day become useless, they should become cyborgs

Humanity is in danger of neglect under the power of artificial intelligence, and he just needs to develop the possibilities of communication with the machines directly or be ready to face the risk of becoming useless, he said in his usual pretentious manner everyone's favorite billionaire engineer and inventor Elon Musk.

"I think eventually we may see convergence, the merging of biological and digital intelligence" — said Musk gathered at the event, World Government Summit in Dubai the public, where he also announced the release of Tesla on the market of the United Arab Emirates.

"mostly it will depend on bandwidth, connection speed between your brain and your digital version".

In fact, the idea of man-computer symbiosis is not new. About 57 years ago, the American psychologist and pioneer of computer sphere Robnett Joseph Carl Licklider vividly described his theory of "cooperative interaction between man and electronic computers." His amazing insight has had a major influence on an entire generation of scientists and engineers.

"the Hope is that in the relatively near future, human brains and computer machines will be able to become very closely interconnected," — wrote in his work "Man-computer symbiosis" ("Man-Computer Symbiosis") in 1960 Licklider year.

"And the result of this symbiosis will be the mind that will think like never thought no human brain and how never processed the information no computer machine."

Today, perhaps the most vivid examples of the current level of this symbiosis are technologies such as helmet for the pilots of the F-35 or perhaps something a little more civil in the form of virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift. A small remark. Ironically, Musk had made that day, to "Ghost in the shell" — Hollywood film adaptation of the popular Japanese manga and anime, which presents a future where people replace their body parts, including the brain, with cybernetic counterparts.

Use the Mask in his speech the term "bandwidth" is not accidental, as it will become the cornerstone of the relationship between human brain and machine. Elon explains that machines are able to communicate with each other by passing "trillions of bits of information per second", while people who communicate mostly with their smartphones, are limited to only 10 bits per second.

"Interfaces with high bandwidth is connected to the brain, will be those that will help the person to enter into symbiosis with machine intelligence, and perhaps solve the problems associated with our fears of losing control of them and our becoming useless," — said the head of SpaceX and Tesla.

According to the Mask, the human mind must continue to evolve to gain the ability to quickly obtain information and pass it on to artificial intelligence. How to do it? No one yet really knows, but do not worry, again, is because Musk is probably already working on some tough decision.

One of these concepts, incidentally, he already spoke. Called the "neural lace". This is the interface between machine and human, which is a neural net (it's not about neural networks, but rather about the implant, similar to a fishing tackle), literally woven into the human brain. On the idea it will allow, for example, to access the Internet without a computer, as she will be a sophisticated computer with a wireless network operating in symbiosis with human thinking. Maybe this device can even store backups of the human mind, in case he die physically. Let's hope that in the end will not get something like the Borg from Star trek, but whatever it was sounds very cool, agree.

In his comments to the current context (the issue of the problem of human capabilities become useless) Mask as an example, noted how now there is a risk that drivers may soon be replaced by Autonomous vehicles. According to Ilona, self-driving cars will certainly be able to significantly increase the level of safety on the roads…

"But the world is full of people whose work is connected with driving. In fact, I believe that driving as a phenomenon — one of the largest "employers" for people. Driving presents a variety of forms and used in various fields. Therefore, we must now begin to consider the issues and to examine the options for new roles for people. It will definitely be painful. But this must be done as soon as possible because under the risk of becoming useless in the near future is already a considerable layer of the population of the planet."


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