Natural Cycles — the smartphone application for... of contraception


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Natural Cycles — the smartphone application for... of contraception

Modern gadgets are designed to simplify a person's life. But hardly anyone would have thought that with the development of smart home systems, Internet of things and wearable electronics various accessories meant to help people even in those areas where seemingly everyone has long known and studied. Apparently, the creators of the app Natural Cycles thought in a similar vein and presented his invention, designed to replace traditional methods of contraception technology of the digital age.

The Authors of the application and a special gadget-a thermometer, the combined name Natural Cycles, are Dr. Elina Bergland and her husband Dr. Raul Swartz. Gadget daily to measure the body temperature of the wearer, whereby with a unique algorithm builds a special schedule, noting the safe days on which a woman has minimum chances of getting pregnant, noting them on the calendar. By and large, in the invention, it is not surprising: the activity is based on the usual human physiology. The fact that a few days before the beginning of the process of ovulation in the blood of women increases the concentration of the hormone estrogen, which causes a small decrease in body temperature. During the other phases of the menstrual cycle, after ovulation, in the course of entering the hormone progesterone, which causes a small temperature rise. These fluctuations are sufficiently small and range from 0.2 to 0.45 degrees. That is the difference and catches the device.

The Program has been certified in Germany, and clinical trials involving several thousand women showed that the application is almost as effective as oral contraceptives. The authors also hope for the success of their development:

«Many people know that one of the most effective methods of contraception (with the exception of barrier) is a hormonal contraception. But, unfortunately, many women have a lot of complications from it. Our clinical studies have proved the high effectiveness of a new method of contraception. In addition, Natural Cycles will allow each owner to better understand how your own body».


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