Scientists have created the first viable embryo hybrid of man and pig


2017-01-27 10:58:17




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Scientists have created the first viable embryo hybrid of man and pig

just yesterday, that the Japanese scientists were able to grow pancreas of the mouse in the body of a rat that has brought science one step closer to growing human organs in animals. And that's another win for the researchers: for the first time in the history of science, scientists were able to create a viable embryo Chimera, which is a hybrid of man and pig. The results of their work, geneticists published in the journal.

Many scientists believe the body of the pig is largely similar to the human body, that is why the achievement in the crossing of these two individuals is so important to science. Potentially this achievement in the future will allow us to grow human organs inside the bodies of pigs on special farms. The essence of the experiment lay in the fact that the scientists injected the pig embryos with human stem cells and grew inside him the embryonic human heart, liver and even the brain. Of course, while it is only the first steps in this direction, but experts now believe the achievement of an important victory for modern science.

Around such experiments will inevitably pop up numerous ethical questions: is it right — you cross a human with a pig, humane to torture and kill animals for the sake of spare organs for people, and many others. All this is quite a slippery subject. In addition, no one is immune from the fact that in the future scientists will create animal with a human brain, which will learn and understand everything that is happening around you, like you and me. Whether the killing of such an animal equated to murder? All this we learn, just before they reach the moment when the described technology is come from the category of experiments and will be widely distributed.



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