Utah has developed glasses with a focus


2017-01-29 13:30:04




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Utah has developed glasses with a focus

People who are forced due to weak vision to wear glasses, face many difficulties. Not only that, sometimes without glasses can not see anything up close, so once in order to see or read something located at a large distance, many people need to have a different pair of glasses. To get some points, you need to buy bifocal lenses that allow to adjust the sight in order to see well at any distance. In the U.S. the University of Utah came up with a solution to the problem, creating special glasses with auto-focus — they self-adjust, changing the focus depending on the distance of the object, which looks the owner.

The Lenses used in the new glasses, not simple, and fluid. They are created from two thin, flexible, and transparent membranes, between which the researchers placed a thin layer of glycerin. To the rear of these lenses attached three small mechanical drive, push and twist the lens — so changing the focal length. Helps in this electronic filling and infrared range finder, which, as well as drives hidden in his glasses.

Before using the points you need to carefully calibrate. You can use a special application. Yes, glasses have the Bluetooth module, where they connect with a smartphone.

The First prototype looks very funny. To wear such a device outside of the laboratory would risk a few, but it is only a prototype. Now the developers have a lot of work. If these glasses, and will be on sale, not earlier than in three years.


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