Google and Levi's will release a "smart" denim jacket


2017-03-13 16:00:05




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Google and Levi's will release a

Wearable electronics — is yesterday. Give wearable and «smart» e-clothes! Want your jacket was your Navigator, remote control for audio player and headset for smartphone at the same time? Then a new fashionable line of Levi’s will interest you for sure.

Famous brand has partnered with Google ATAP and released the fashionable «dzhinsovki», which sits perfectly on the body, despite the abundance of electronics, which she stuffed. In the jacket enclosing sensitive electronics, which allows the user to transfer to a different smartphone of the user, so by using the familiar movements to control the phone with the help of clothes. For example, to hear information about traffic jams, weather forecasts, learn the location of the nearest restaurants or you can switch the player to the next track.

All these manipulations are made using taps and swipes, so it may seem that you are nervous or just constantly looks like with his jacket of dust and mess with the buttons on the wrist. Nevertheless, this headset still has not been released, so it all looks very interesting.

Developers have reported that buy the jacket will be this fall. Initially, it was planned to start producing a little earlier, but apparently designers and clothing manufacturer are unable to bring to mind all the time. But now it can be washed, to wash, to clean, crush and dirty — the jacket is not different from regular clothes.

Before begin to produce fashionable clothes, ATAP Google has worked to develop modular smartphones Project Ara, but something did not grow together and the project was closed.


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