Hebocon. Competition of the worst robots in the world


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Hebocon. Competition of the worst robots in the world

Robotics has long reached the point when the robots conducted various competitions with serious prizes and no less serious organizers (for example, with its DARPA DARPA Robotics Challenge). The mechanisms involved in such events is extremely complicated and very expensive to manufacture. But what about those who do not have huge budgets, and «show yourself» want to? The answer is simple: sign up for Hebocon — the competition robots of all that arm will fall, from disposable forks to plush toys and vegetables.

To Hold a similar event occurred to the Japanese Daigo Ishikawa, and translated from the native language of the founder «heboi» can be translated as «low-quality», «cheesy», «bad», and even «poor». Despite the fact that the process of creating such robots may seem a trifling matter, even here there are rules and restrictions, but they, like everything else in the framework of this event, very, very specific. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the last stage of the competition was held in August 2016, a few weeks ago, the public was presented the video demonstration of the best moments of the worst fights in the world of robots. According to the Mr. Ishikawa

«under Hebocon I wanted to see more failures, breakdowns and failed attempts. The first competition was held in 2014, and the last — in 2016, and they were full of enough interesting moments. To make himself poor Heboi-robot, you'll need to purchase only the most simple materials or use what you can find lying on the street near his home. You don't need to think about the complexity of movements and functions you don't need a complicated design. Make, just so your robot can move, how — it doesn't matter. And even if your robot cannot start to move yourself, push it, there is nothing wrong with».

Some of the hundreds of models from numerous Heboi robots

The Organizers are planning a big competition in mid-2017, and by 2020 it is planning a large-scale event, which will be held in parallel with the Olympic games in Tokyo. And yet it is unclear which of the events will be more spectacular. More familiar with what Hebocon, and to see the most insane creations you like , and the video below. Well, if you suddenly became interested in the event, here's some advice from organizers on how to make «the best worst robot in the world»

1) avoid the use of any known technology, do not use the soldering iron and other instruments.
2) If you're right handed, do everything with my left hand. If left-handed — right. And even better — do some work with feet.
3) Leave a manufacturer the most important part of a child of five.



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