Reliefband bracelet to reduce effect of motion sickness in virtual reality


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Reliefband bracelet to reduce effect of motion sickness in virtual reality

Virtual reality is, of course, wonderful, but this technology is one very unpleasant effect. We are talking about the motion sickness, when the human brain is lost, not knowing what was really going on. Like feel people still sitting in the chair, but his eyes see that he's going somewhere. The brain begins to panic, suggesting that the organism was either poisoned, whence it follows that simple physiological reaction – severe nausea in an attempt to get rid of toxic influences. Wristband Reliefband this the nausea to suppress to enable you to fully enjoy the world of virtual reality.

Virtual reality affects everyone differently. Someone get motion sickness instantly, and someone the vestibular apparatus responds to such entertainment is not so active. Experts agree on one thing: to get used to VR gradually, not trying in the first day to spend in virtual worlds for hours. We should start with a session in 20 minutes. The next day you can increase game time to 30 minutes and so on. So for a week to accustom your body to new unusual sensations and decrease unpleasant effects arising in the process. I have this circuit myself and can honestly say that it really works. About a week I increased the length of the VR sessions, to a few hours and not felt any discomfort.

But there are other ways to improve the comfort from the use of VR headsets. For example, the amazing wristband Reliefband. To gadget, it must be put on the inside of your wrist, after inflicting on it a thin layer of conductive gel. After switching on, the device starts sounding weak electric impulses in your body. With this you can adjust how strong are these signals, depending on how much you get motion sickness in a virtual reality. Impulses through the median nerve to reach the center in the brain responsible for nausea, adjusting its communication with the stomach and reducing the discomfort. Initially, the gadget was developed not only for VR but also for those people who get motion sickness during sea travel or even commuting. However, in tandem with VR headsets it works just fine.

If you believe the lucky ones who already managed to try out the gadget for yourself personally, the effect of motion sickness really reduced by 70-90% in comparison with the feeling when a VR-headset use separately. The device is especially useful where you need to move in three-dimensional space on foot. The developers have been trying to defeat the sickness in their projects, but so far they have not really work. Of course, this bracelet is the only true solution to the problem, but to date, nothing effective has not yet been invented. Today Reliefband is , and in the second quarter of 2017 should get the updated model in a new slim case, but it would cost 150 dollars.


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