LOVE – futuristic turntable


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LOVE – futuristic turntable

No matter How high the technology nor spoiled us progress, will always be among us those who prefer to enjoy their old . Vinyl love not only people, but also fans of the new generation, buying expensive players, amplifiers, speakers and giving his apartment a truly unique sound atmosphere. But there are those who don't need all this expensive and cumbersome equipment, those who prefer minimalism. These people should pay attention to the amazing turntable LOVE.

LOVE is a very strange device, consisting of a flat round base (included two) and a rotating reader is put on top of her. The reader built a special sensor, which after installation on top of the plate directly determines the size and quantity of the recorded tracks. Control of playback is carried out using a smartphone and the official app. You can instantly switch to the next track or pause the music, and can and does put a specific track on constant repeat. It makes LOVE truly "smart" player.

Audio from the player to the acoustics is not just through wires but through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which makes it possible to connect to different devices. Sales in recent years has increased by 60%, so you can be sure that LOVE is sure to interest potential buyers. At the moment you can pre-order on the player . The first 500 visitors will get it for the price of $ 299. After that, the price tag will be significantly higher.


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