American engineers managed to create a robot-bat


2017-02-03 15:00:05




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Fear Batman because American scientists are preparing you a decent change in the form of robotic bats. The world of science quite often in the realm of wildlife, here and this time employees of the California Institute of technology and the University of Illinois decided to build a robot in the image and likeness of a bat. So scientists would prefer to study the peculiarities of its operations and the structure of the wings.

The Robot-bat named Bat Bot. consists of many joints, motors, actuators and, of course, a computer unit with a processor and lots of sensors for spatial orientation. The robot accurately mimics the muscle of this bat, and its wings are made of the thinnest silicon membrane with thickness of 56 microns. It's hard to imagine, but the structure of the wings of the robot provides access to 40 degrees of freedom, which makes possible the swings exactly like its real prototype. To date, Bat Bot is able to fly straight up to 30 meters, which is a very good indicator.

"Bat Bot is one of the most complex flying robot designs, existing today", — not without pride, said one of the leaders of the project. And it is difficult to argue. Given the complexity of the device the robot weighs only 93 grams and its wingspan is about 30 inches. A team of scientists for many months working on a complex system of joints, calculated motion algorithms and selected the most lightweight and durable materials for the construction of the first prototype. The results of their work, the researchers published in the journal .


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