A review of the game Full Throttle: Remastered. Rock of ages!


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A review of the game Full Throttle: Remastered. Rock of ages! Source:

Today, it is difficult to imagine that once the most popular game genre had quests and adventure. A leisurely adventure with a complex plot, well written characters and a unique sense of travel, comparable, if you will, watching a good movie. Now the genre is far from its former greatness, and new audiences will not be forced to stare at a bunch of pixels from the last century. To correct this situation are intended of reissues of old hits, one of which will be discussed. This is one of the best adventure games of all time. Other game like it never had before nor, unfortunately, after. Start your iron horse — the king of the road is back!

For the development of the reissues is responsible for the Studio Double Fine Productions, headed by the "father" of many quest series by Tim Schafer. He controlled the Studio has already pleased us with updated versions of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle. In addition, the master of the Double Fine gave us Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, The Cave, Broken Age and a number of other wonderful projects. But back to Full Throttle. I would like to start with the local world. It is, indeed, no similar place: here miraculously intertwined the first part «Mad max» (the one that came out in 1979), retrofuturism, biker romance in the spirit of the movie "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man", huge corporations and the atmosphere of a road trip, what is called the "road movie". Every detail here is so on the place that is happening you begin to believe from the first seconds, but the story does not let go until the very end.

Just want to mention: the story is cute and even a bit naive (which is not surprising, given the age of the game — then it was taken). In local history you can find only a few, loosely, unexpected twists, and Grand pianos in the bushes, "cliffhangers" and other scenic revelations should not wait. Here the villain is the hero here. Forward! And believe me, it's not bad. The story is so well-tailored that every turn, every action of the characters is justified. No one has problems with motivation, and our main character though looks menacing and brutal, in fact, a living person with their ideals.

Speaking of heroes, let me introduce you to Ben — the leader of the local biker gang Polecats (or "Polecats"). Ben and his gang enters an order to escort Malcolm Corley, President of Corley Motors and part of the last motorcycle manufacturer in the country that goes to shareholders through dangerous territory local hyvee. Ben refuses, but the assistant Malcolm Adrian Ripburger (which, by the way, is voiced by mark Hamill) makes using the kick Board around the Ben "an offer hard to refuse". Such is the plot of the game. Then you will find a series of intrigues, betrayals, revelations, and even the love line. Believe me, the story is Full Throttle it is much better to discover yourself. Moreover, the game does not require much time to complete. This story leaves a very pleasant impression. Surely each of you have a film that evokes very warm feelings. Now, imagine as if you watched it for the first time. It's worth it!

Game mechanics are simple and the most logical. Combine a door and a lighter to fix the phone, you do not have. All items are used according to simple human logic: to distract the evil dog — throw him a piece of meat. Need to pump petrol — take the canister and hose. In the presence of intelligence and care the game is easily traversed even for evening, and for quite a while. And these are not empty words: the fact that I have not played the original due to age, therefore, argue from the point of view of the person who hosted the game for the first time. In addition to the usual quest mechanics with a combination of objects and dialogue with the NPC, you have to ride a lot on freeways, to fight with the enemies at full speed (fighting reminiscent of the games of the series Road Rash), to participate in a real Derby, and even perform tasks on time. In addition, the game is well written dialogues and is just perfect, cute, and most importantly absolutely not vulgar humor.

But what is upsetting is the relocation of the minor drawbacks of the original in reissue. For example, in the game there is a moment when you need while driving on the highway to knock out enemies right components for further processing. Enemies appear randomly, and often wait for the right opponent to get a specific thing for very long, circling around the location. Certainly this point could be simplified in the re-release, but the developers chose a different path.

The Local artwork and animation made in the spirit of "old school" Lucas Arts (from under the wing which left the original) and quests of Sierra On-Line. As with previous reissues from Double Fine, Full Throttle: Remastered gives you the opportunity at any time to switch between modern graphics and the original. Of course, the improved picture looks much more attractive. The lack of pixels the size of a fist and smooth lines give a feeling of watching an animated film. In addition, modern display mode displays the image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 to 3:4 in the original version. However, the elevation everywhere went to play the benefit. In some places, too light and bright picture gets in the atmosphere. Although in General, the redraw does not cause problems and is not inferior to the original.

Please note the logo of Harley-Davidson in the top right corner. In the updated version it is not

Voice of all the characters is just gorgeous. The voices matched perfectly and fully comply with the character of the heroes. Funny thing: when switching to "old mode" and change the voice — instead of the clear sound will be the sound somewhat muffled and raw signal, which is nice. While Russian players are waiting for an unpleasant surprise: the game is only in English. And those who played in the 90s, you probably remember Full Throttle at the quality of localization, which, unfortunately, is not included, which is extremely disappointing.

And the music! Oh, the music! Very often the reviewers love to talk about what music you can easily listen to separately from the game. Then, we can say, a unique situation: the entire soundtrack was recorded by American rock band the Gone Jackals. Songs from the resulting album became the real hits, such as collaboration in the 90s led to a significant growth as sales of the game, and the popularity of the albums of the group. The tracks are really noteworthy and will appeal to all lovers of quality music. Even if you are not going to play Full Throttle — listen to The Gone Jackals. A great musical group.

Is the game and mode comments from developers who are very interesting to listen to. You can learn about the game development process, about the difficulties artists and programmers experienced in design locations, the design world and much more. For fans and just for people interested in the industry, — a truly great addition!

But for that the game does not work to praise, so it's a long download of some menu. And at the start of the game and download the save time is almost not required, but when you're in the main menu, click «Load» — you start to feel Jdoom. In order to get to the cells with the saved game will have to wait obscenely long. The same thing happens if you want to save the game. Why is this happening — I personally strongly unclear, but, apparently, this problem was faced I'm not alone.



  • Classic design in a modern shell.
  • the
  • Great story.
  • the
  • Logical puzzles.
  • the
  • excellent voice and music.
  • The Atmosphere of the game unique. This was not before or after. the

  • Colorful characters.
  • the
  • Variety of gameplay.


  • and Many flaws of the original remain in place.
  • the
  • Obscenely long loading some menus.
  • the
  • Lack of localization and the "same" Russian voice.

To Tell you the truth, Full Throttle: Remastered don't needs to be evaluated. For me, all told time. It's a classic that's a great game, regardless of 1995 for window or 2017. But with all my love to this game I can't give it a perfect score because the flaws to close my eyes impossible. The game gets me to 9 out of 10 possible. But the important thing is: the rating doesn't matter. The emotions that you get from games that are far beyond the 10 out of 10. It is around 20 out of 10, or even 30. Live classics and recommendation in any case not to miss this wonderful project. For everyone who grew up in the 90s — to re-experience familiar adventure, but for newcomers — to touch the beautiful. Rock'n'roll is alive!...


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