#video | "KAMAZ" truck presented the Continent with a hybrid engine and autopilot


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#video |

New truck "KAMAZ-54907 Continent"

Now, moving on U.S. roads, you can find a truck without a human in the driver's seat. For example, recently one of these unmanned tractors with automatic driving system was successfully carried 18,000 pounds of butter . The development of such techniques is conducted in Russia, and basically this deals with, of course, the automaker "KAMAZ". Recently, he introduced one of the most tricked-out trucks under the name "KAMAZ-54907 Continent", which is also able to self-adjust to different lanes and Park. Besides, it has a hybrid engine that runs both from fossil fuels and electricity. But the most interesting feature of novelty is its cabin, which in the literal sense of the word, to live.

Technical characteristics of the truck are not yet known, but the review was published on the official channel "KAMAZ". According to representatives of the automaker, among the designers, novelty is also known as the "Project 2020". And all because it uses the concept of a new cab with the same name, which was submitted in 2017 in the framework of the international auto show COMTRANS. The company removed some elements like a built-in toilet, shower stall and a treadmill, but the other amenities for the drivers remained in place.

the New cabin of the truck "KAMAZ"

The updated interior of the Russian truck there is only one place, that is, the truckers will not be able to take a buddy to replace during sleep. However, if the driver will be very tired and will fall asleep, the truck will quickly notice that with the help of two man located in front of the cameras and will give a signal about the necessity of rest. Probably, in such cases, you will need the system of Autonomous driving that can take it over on the freeway changing lanes. The operation of the autopilot the representatives of the automaker has yet to demonstrate, so its security is under serious doubt.

The driver to Sleep on beds of 90 cm, which is initially in the folded state to save space. In the same way, truckers will be able to put a dining table where you can eat, cooked on the built-in salon a slow cooker meal. Among the other embedded equipment has an electric kettle, a microwave, a fridge and a safe with a combination lock. The developers have not forgotten about the wash basin, mirror and expander for a physical workout. In General, you can live.

the Cabin of the truck "KAMAZ-54907 Continent"

The Instrument panel is an electronic screen that displays information about speed, fuel level and battery charge. But in addition, the salon also has a 15.5-inch touch screen where you can enable GPS, music and video player and even a web browser to access the Internet. However, practically the same as in , but how well it works is also unknown.

Screens inside the cabin of the new truck "KAMAZ"

Also, the automaker has touted the appearance of the truck, they say, no detail is distracting from the design style. The "KAMAZ-54907 Continent" no rear view mirrors because they have been replaced by cameras on the outside of the body that show the image on the screens inside the cabin. In General, the new look really looks modern and beautiful, so his design has no issues.

As mentioned above, the technical characteristics of the new "KAMAZ" has not yet named. What is known is that it is equipped with a hybrid engine capable of working away from fossil fuels and electricity. According to the creators, the charging motor will be enough to overcome a few dozen kilometers, but mostly it will only be enabled on the warehouse, so as not to pollute the air with exhaust. Also, it may start to save fuel when climbing a mountain and slip. As for fuel consumption, the representatives of the automaker claim that the engine consumes less than 25 liters per 100 kilometers.

the appearance of the truck "KAMAZ-54907 Continent"

But that's really a novelty as good as you say she is, is not clear. The automaker "KAMAZ" likes to do , but its tricked-out trucks still cannot be found on real roads. Representatives have not yet announced a release date for "KAMAZ-54907 Continent" on sale and its price, so we are unlikely to see it live soon. It is hoped that soon the group will publish at least video proof that the product copes well with Autonomous driving.


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