NASA: Enceladus has all the conditions for the origin of life


2017-04-15 20:30:06




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NASA: Enceladus has all the conditions for the origin of life

Scientists at NASA reported the discovery of new evidence on the icy moon of Saturn, Enceladus conditions to sustain life. In escaping into space from the moon's surface geysers researchers have discovered a molecule of hydrogen. The presence of this chemical component may mean that it's time to "pack their suitcases" and head to the search Enceladus for extraterrestrial life, as the conditions on the satellite may be appropriate for microbial life.

"We found some components needed to create a habitable environment. The available data create a compelling argument in favor of the assumption about the existence of life on this satellite," — says Thomas Zurbuchen, assistant head of NASA.

For a new discovery should thank the spacecraft Cassini circling Saturn and Enceladus since 2004. Analysis of samples collected "Cassini" two years ago when he flew through escaping into space geysers of Enceladus, showed the presence of hydrogen molecules, which in turn may hint at the geothermal activity under the surface of an icy satellite. Near the sources of the earth's geysers, scientists too often find living organisms, the researchers suspect that the latter may also exist on Enceladus.

"We're not saying that Enceladus is life. We are only saying that the new finding further strengthens our belief in it" — explains Jonathan lunine of Cornell center for astrophysics and planetary science.

The Assumption that water under the icy surface of Enceladus, heated inner warmth of a satellite, circulates among the astronomical community for quite this. Detection of hydrogen in the collected samples confirms these conjectures. To explain this could be that in the depths of Enceladus, most likely, a chemical reaction between certain types of minerals and the result of these reactions is the production of hydrogen, which was discovered by Cassini.

The Presence of hydrogen can also hint at the presence of the moon's surface is methane produced from carbon dioxide under chemical process of methanogenesis. As scientists say, the presence of hydrogen and methanogenesis can provide food for microorganisms as it happens on Earth. That is on Enceladus may exist a simple life.

However, at a press conference convened by NASA representatives also noted that the amounts of hydrogen that were detected by satellite, can also talk about the fact that germs that could eat them, actually maybe not so much. But still an indisputable fact, the researchers note, is that Enceladus has the necessary basic elements to maintain a simple life.

"Detection of molecular hydrogen (H2) completes the set, which I would call a basic set of components required for the existence of life as we know it: liquid water, organic molecules, minerals, as well as available source of "free" energy", — explains Lanin.

"the Presence of H2 on Enceladus only once again reinforces the interest in its further exploration and search for life".

It Should be noted that this opening connected with the system of Saturn, not the end. Scientists working with the space telescope "Hubble", say they found new evidence indicating that on Europa (another moon of Saturn) geysers of water is also not uncommon, which makes this satellite a less attractive target for research and the search for life.

Recall that the "Cassini" is coming to an end and in September of this year, the orbiting spacecraft will release into the atmosphere of Saturn, which completes its existence.


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