Refutes whether the Large hadron Collider, the existence of ghosts? Yet


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Refutes whether the Large hadron Collider, the existence of ghosts? Yet

At a depth of 100 metres under Geneva, on the border of Switzerland and France is the 26-kilometer Large hadron Collider. This giant is a scientist trying to understand nature's most basic particles of our Universe and to find the key to her innermost secrets. And quite possibly, one of these secrets is the next question (do not laugh): if ghosts are real, unless the TANK was not supposed to find them?

At least so said the British physicist and science popularizer Brian Cox from Manchester University. Taking part in the radio show BBC Radio 4 The Infinite Monkey Cage, he made on this occasion a rather interesting statement, which implies that the TANK has denied the existence of ghosts.

"Before we go to questions, I want to make a statement: today we are not arguing about the existence of ghosts. They do not exist."

Cox continued:

"If we want to save a model that contains and carries information about our living cells, it should indicate clearly in what kind of environment is this model and how it can interact with particles of matter that make up our bodies. In other words, we have to assume the possibility of the existence of some exceptions in the standard model of particle physics, which managed to avoid detection inside the Large hadron Collider. It is unthinkable, considering the energy scales that are characteristic of the levels of interaction of particles in our body".

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, who also participated in the show, killed of Coke and asked a clarifying question:

"If I understand correctly, from what you just said, that CERN, the European center for nuclear research, has denied the existence of ghosts?"

"Yes," — said Cox.

"I wanted to say that if there is some substance capable of controlling our bodies, to move our arms and legs, in this case, this substance would have to be able to interact with the particles that make up our bodies. If to consider that level of precision with which studies ways of interacting particles, my statement is because in the world there is no such source of energy (substance, if you want), which could control our bodies."

If even more simply, in his words, this means that if ghosts did exist, they would be capable of interacting with the real world through the prism of the existing particles of the standard model and the energy levels at which life exists.

The Theme, admittedly, very dull. But from the perspective of some – generally seem the ravings of a lunatic. Well, or at least something not far removed from alchemy. However, it should be understood that the walls of the Large hadron Collider many theoretically predicted particles has still not been discovered. Starting from the so-called supersymmetric particles to the smallest particles, candidates for dark matter – axions. So, maybe we just haven't found the particles, through which the ghosts can interact with particles in our real world?

"to study the issues of the existence of dark matter continues. We still don't know if there are axions or not. So how do we know whether the ghosts of axions?" — says Bob Jacobsen, Professor of the University of California at Berkeley, working with the installation of LUX, which scientists looking for dark matter.

However, here Jacobson adds that so deeply he did not question detect ghosts using their likely interaction with the physical particles, so it can be wrong.

The Current description of axions, at least according to the official website of CERN, as follows:

"Axions — this is a hypothetical neutral and very light (but not massless) particles that do not interact (virtually or not interacting) with ordinary matter. To some extent they can be considered as a "strange photons". According to the proposed hypotheses, if axions do exist, then in the presence of electromagnetic fields they can go into a state of photons and back again."

To be honest, it sounds just like the physical incarnation of Ghost, Mr Cox.

The American experiment LUX, Italian XENON, CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST) and others continue active search of dark matter particles, but so far found nothing. What if ghosts just don't want to be around Large hadron Collider, and instead doing exactly the thing that they need to scare people who believe in them?

In General, shows that this topic of discussion, and proves it at all? In fact, it really proves one thing: despite the fact that the TANK is able to explain to scientists for many aspects of particle physics, in fact he has not ruled out the possibility of the existence of ghosts.


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