The company PassivDom started printing completely Autonomous house on a 3D printer


2017-03-06 10:30:05




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The company PassivDom started printing completely Autonomous house on a 3D printer

At Home that print in a Ukrainian company obtained a fully Autonomous and «smart», so for life, you can choose any place. The startup says that the company produces Autonomous self-learning modular homes are created with the use of 3D printing technology. The manufacturer claims that it can build a fully Autonomous house that will not need any fuel for heating, and due to the design and materials used for printing, the house is suitable for any climate.

«the Module uses only environmentally-friendly energy for all the needs of its inhabitants: climate control (heating and cooling), the generation of water, control of air quality and oxygen content. The house itself generates the electric power for all household appliances», — said on the website of the company.

The Walls of houses create world's first 3D print carbon fiber and fiberglass, and the roof is completely lined with solar panels.

Now available for ordering two houses — modulOne and modulDva. First — a small variant, whose area is 36 square meters. The basic package includes the home, decoration, furniture, ready, and working heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply and drainage.

The Second option, modulDva, involves the construction of modular house, consisting of several parts. Therefore, you can first buy a small house of two parts 72 «square», and then to extend the living space when needed by adding another pair of the same rooms.

The Price of modulOne starts from 29,900 euros for the base model. The complete package will cost 59 900 euros.

The House modulDva will Cost more: the house itself without «offline» functions need to pay 74 900 euros. A fully intelligent and independent from the communications of a house area of 72 square meters will cost about one hundred thousand euros.

Recall that the Russian startup also prints at home on a 3D printer. The first house in the suburbs, was erected in just a day. The total cost of the house was about 600 thousand rubles.


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