Overview of RC model car WLtoys A959-B — need for speed


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Overview of RC model car WLtoys A959-B — need for speed

While the weather is not conducive to flight, alternately delighting the heavy wind, rain (or a combination of both) in my RC pursuits decided to descend literally from heaven to earth and try yourself in driving, choosing the model from WLToys.

Still not wanting to spend a lot, I was looking at the model of the middle segment, selecting the option with the highest number of sales in the shop — WLtoys A959-B standing at the time the article was $ 70 (with coupon «SALE10» you can get a discount of 10%). Judging by the range, WLToys there are other cars on the same chassis with slight variations, but this issue in depth, I did not dig.

Came a new game in a cardboard box a little more medium in size, inside there are: the car, remote, battery 1500 mAh, socket-head, transactions for charging the battery and English manual. Unpacking will probably require the use of pliers, so as to fix items inside the box widely used plastic cable ties.

At first glance, the machine looks to be made up of two completely different parts. The main is the drivetrain and frame on which it is mounted. Everything assembled very strong — a lot of thick plastic, metal, solid absorbers (well, at least in appearance), independent for each wheel. In General megaradio, I checked in practice, but more on that below. The second part — the top «body» made of thin plastic. First, the combination of kondovski and fragility seemed illogical for me, but then I realized — this top «cover» actually has no useful function other than protection against dirt, so it is logical to make it as easy as possible. Also it does not need special strength, the shots takes «» and «body» — flexible enough to survive a possible accident.

In General, the design of this Buggy is made in scale 1/18, I liked it — to the extent of brutal, moderately effectively. The massiveness of the model adds to her not only feeling of solidity, but also sustainability in management.

To remove the cover to pull the two studs that it is fixed and try them immediately not to lose. To remove it have often enough — connect the battery and activate all electronics (inside is made of a separate switch). The battery is held with Velcro, allowing not to lose it in case of an accident. Since we are talking about the battery — its charge time is around 115 minutes, and its enough for about 7-9 minutes, depending on the speed you plan to develop. As usual, the figures do not record, so I recommend to get «tilt wheel».

Since I still consider myself an Amateur in the RC-case, I have to warn you that many things that are obvious to the pros, for me are «discovery». The fact that the remote machine is different from quadrocopter — I was expecting, but, since no one «malincuore» the remote I had not seen before, was surprised by the total dissimilarity. Remotes going (often floating) models made «gun» with grip and even trigger. This trigger is responsible for the direction of movement and speed (the stronger you shake, the faster you're going). Used to turn the wheel to the right, proportional control, that is, the steering angle of the vehicle proportional to the angle of the steering wheel. He «the wheel» rubber coated to reduce the slip in the model is sensitive enough so that the management will have to adapt. He returns to the center position, making it easier to manage.

Also on the remote there are 4 buttons trimming (speed and cornering), but they didn't have to, everything worked fine «out of the box». At the bottom is the battery compartment (4 AA batteries) and the power button. The front of the top section contains a folding antenna that improves the reception quality. The radius of operation of the control panel exceeds 100 meters, but so as to follow the model at a greater distance is problematic — greater stand-off here is not necessary.

In General, the battery is charged batteries, all ready to test. First race I recommend on the street, choosing spacious enough and well paved space. Not that it was needed, a motor of this miracle are quite capable of chasing it through the grass and the dirt, effectively throwing gravel and dust from under the wheels, just start easier on the pavement. I do not recommend, by the way, to test WLtoys A959-B house — first, in the model homes for her little space, and secondly, from carpets it collects dust and hair better than the robot cleaner, so after the race you will have to spend time cleaning. After the street ride, however, to clean the machine, too, is but on the street, mostly dust, not lint, to clean easier.

Actually, the main impression from the races — this model is quick as... as... the consequences of food eaten on the forecourt of the gyro. Accurate measurements of speed I, of course, were not able to effect, but the 100-meters at the local stadium this monster drove in less than 6 seconds, giving a speed of 16.5 m/s, or 60 km/h because here everything is decided by fractions of a second, the result is actually even slightly higher.

The Speed also gives us the power, the model is no problem driving on the grass, so the only grass in all directions flies, overcomes a fairly steep ascents and descents, and very good at jumping from a springboard. I'm actually not sure that this machine is designed for jumping, but so far, after about hundreds of completed flights, no visible damage is not observed (however, 1 copy for the statistics is clearly not enough). Helps «volatile» and the distribution of mass close to the bottom, to overturn this model is possible, but not as easy as the cheaper toys. Overall, not bad here and with the durability, the machine has experienced a few major accidents without noticeable damage to itself, (not counting, of course, cosmetics). However, judging by a brief search online, spare parts for this model is clearly not a shortage, so the repair not be a problem.

A Little after, WLtoys A959-B can get very famously to drift, although this is better «s» her special tyres without tread pattern. Speaking of upgrades, for this model, there are many options for improvement, mainly consisting in the replacement of certain nodes in the metal, although you can change, for example, and the motor with power, are responsible for turns. In General, the scope for a gradual upgrade is immense.

To summarize, I can say that I like to ride no less than to fly and for a beginner this is perhaps a more affordable hobby. First, the good cars are cheaper, and second, much less risk to fall on someone's head or fly over the horizon and not to return. When this RC car model is no less complex to learn, and there «room to grow». WLtoys A959-B combines a relatively affordable price with good performance, and the potential to upgrade allows the model to stay relevant.

Buy WLtoys A959-B

Finally, I could not post this video, filmed it not me, but without it the review would not be complete.




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