How to do selfies? Browse miniature Airselfie2


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How to do selfies? Browse miniature Airselfie2

Once on the Internet met a statistic that said about how many times the average person pulls out his smartphone and in many cases then he is doing a selfie. Now to find it no longer happens, but this time the figure I impressed. But really, people so often use frontalka that the producers even did not dare to wipe it off the face of the smartphone. They are inventing new solutions, torn between bermocoll and camera, but not take it away. Everything is logical, if you do, they will lose customers. But, selfies can be done not only on the smartphone. Although, a selfie, anyway? But the method is still interesting.

How to remove a selfie

The Problem usually a selfie is that you can make them with a maximum distance of an outstretched arm or a selfie stick. This not just limits the coverage of the background, but even that is not always possible to fit all the people in the frame. This is especially true for any outing with lots of people. Or have to ask someone to take a picture or make a fuss with mounts, stands and timers. The latter also does not always do good.

And yet the drones are such:

Also, there are times when you find yourself alone in a new place and no one to ask to take a picture, and the background is very beautiful and we must embrace it all. For these situations and will fit pocket drone Airselfie2. At a cost from 18900 rubles, it connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi, fly a few minutes and has a good camera. By the way, the Wi-Fi connection automatically if it is enabled on your smartphone, and the smartphone is not connected to another network. That is the nature of c this will be no difficulties.

Features Airselfie2

Among the main technical features Airselfie2 can be noted as a compact size. About many things they say that they will fit in your pocket and technically, that's true. That's the only way it will be impossible to move if it will be a pants pocket, and if it's a jacket, it just pulls to the side.

With our guest situation is different. He didn't just fit in your pocket, but also allows you not to think about his presence there. Even in the pocket of tight jeans it will be almost unnoticeable. This became possible due to the miniature housing, whose size is 98.5 x 71,2 × 13.6 mm. thickness it will be a little thicker than a smartphone, and the dimensions are even smaller. Unless, of course, we're not talking about the iPhone 4 and the like. The weight is only 80 grams, which is also two and a half times less than the weight of a modern smartphone.

In addition to small size, the case has great durability as it is made from aircraft aluminum. This allows you not to worry about him throwing it in your pocket or bag without the case. Even the screws are inside the case. Besides, it is and will provide an additional level of security.

How to charge the copter

Since we're talking about charging, we can recall the Pro version Airselfie 2 Power Edition. In it, except for the drone include a charging case, providing 15 full charges the drone. Plus it is a good protective case and the copter will be safer. The only drawback of charging case is that camera copter will stay outside, but I don't think it can get scratched. The rest of the questions to the case no. Even to the fact that the drone must take when extracting I got used quickly enough, and it ceased to strain.

Charging Airselfie 2 is also possible from the outlet and from the ordinary Power Bank. For this purpose, the housing has a connector USB Type-C. For this separate respect! Still, not all producers understand that his time has come, and unification is not our evil, and common good. At least in regard to charge devices.

Where you can run drone

When you see Airselfie2 for the first time, the question immediately arises where to start. The answer is simple... anywhere! The copter is so small that its flights are not regulated by the Air code of the Russian Federation. This opens up a lot of room for creativity. There are only two prohibitions that derive from the technical features.

The First will be a ban on flights in winds over 3 m/c since this is the maximum speed of the drone. Therefore, he will not be able to resist the wind, which in turn can lead to unpleasant consequences, as well as flying in gusty wind. The second limitation is range, which is limited to the range of a network Wi-Fi and is 20 metres. This applies both to the distance from the user, and height.

It Turns out that drones can not only capture video:

The rest of the flight is limited only by the imagination of the user. You can fly even indoors. During the tests, several times I launched it in the Studio with us and even clashed with objects. This has not led to any consequences. As I said above, to thank for this is to say screws, hidden inside the body. The copter was just faced with obstacles and Bouncing off them like a machine in the amusement Park.

Application for copter

To control Airselfie2 there is a special application that can be easily downloaded on the iPhone and on Android smartphone. It is not overloaded with unnecessary features and has four main sections.

For initial flight training is the "Academy", which will allow you to learn how to control the drone (although this isn't hard even without training) and the settings where you can configure individual points.

With the gallery all is clear — there lies the footage. Whereinteresting the basis of the place in which you can select the way to control the drone. I only liked the expert mode. It management is performed on the normal copter with the help of two sticks.

If you are just beginning to explore such aircraft, more suited to simple modes to control with one hand. You can select between two similar options, in which you will have just to set the direction of the device.

Then in the application you can switch between photo and video camera, enable auto-discovery in the face and press the button start recording. At the same time, video is recorded in FullHD and pictures can be done with a resolution of 12 megapixels. Digital stabilization is present.

Should you buy Airselfie2

The Main purpose of our today's test subject will be shooting video and photos in conditions when it is impossible to do it with outstretched hands. To count on him as a toy is not necessary, as there are cheaper options. To evaluate it from the point of view of the camera and professional filming from the air is also not logical. To do this, he must have a larger sensor and a triaxial chamber with external suspension. At the same time, the price of such option is at least twice as above.

In this case we have something that could absorb a large part of the advantages of both options listed above. Airselfie2 compact, flying long enough for it to be removed and ensures that the quality of the recording-level smartphones in this price range.

Airselfie2 will be a great option for those who love to travel but don't want to carry a big copter, because even DJI Spark will be much bigger, and without the external panel will provide similar features at a higher cost. Also, the device is suitable for those who want to buy an unusual gift for the person difficult to surprise — this kid definitely can. No wonder its creators have collected on Kickstarter more than half a million dollars and collected more than one award, including the Red Dot design Award Best of the Best 2018.

Buy the regular version Airselfie2 you can . If you want something even more practical, for you version Airselfie2 Power Edition, which can be purchased at . In addition, for our readers provided a promo code in the 10% discount. The discount applies to both models. The code — AIR22

Buy Airselfie2

Buy Airselfie2 Power Edition

Write in the comments or if you have the copter and what it was. Safe flight, beautiful frames and soft landing!


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