What is the difference between camera and human eye?


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What is the difference between camera and human eye?

What's cooler: the human eye or the most powerful camera in the world?

Have You ever wondered what the resolution of the equivalent pixel on the camera is our vision? Can compete in the world the structure of human eyes? And why camera and our eyes see the world completely different? Let's try to understand all this in this article.

How many megapixels is the human eye?

The Human retina has approximately 5 million color receptors, which translated into pixel language stands at only 5 megapixels. Not the most advanced indicator in comparison with modern devices, isn't it?

Despite this, the human eye has about a hundred million monochrome receptors, which determine create analyze incoming information device — the brain — a complete picture of the surrounding space. In addition, the bodies of man, unlike the camera, takes the information is not static but in motion, thus forming a common panoramic image, equivalent to 576 megapixels. Well, but the result is inspiring.

what animals Have the best eyesight?

Despite the complex system of human vision, which allows to achieve impressive results in 576 megapixels, the nature of this figure is not considered a limit. The most complex visual system among all living on the planet Earth beings have so-called paslenovye shrimp-mantis (lysiosquillina glabriuscula), which . According to research, these amazing creatures have a heavy duty sight, which largely surpasses all known human optical system.

Unique shrimp that live in the Great Barrier Reef region has the most perfect natural vision.

Lysiosquillina glabriuscula has a unique ability to see the world in polarized light. In other words, shrimp is able unconsciously to use the same advanced 3D technology used in the modern Hollywood professionals during the creation of the special effects for blockbusters. Zoologists believe that the function of such vision can be used during the mating season or just when communicating between a shrimp mantis.

Shrimp can see the world around them in a dazzling bright light.

What can see with their unique eyes of these sea creatures? Researchers believe that the vision Pavlinovich shrimp can perceive invisible to the human eye circularly polarized light, which can be observed in laboratory conditions by using special glasses with polarizers.

In Addition to the shrimp, one of the most perfect types of view in nature have flies. It is believed that the speed of the frame rate in the eyes of these insects many times larger than human figures. Thus, the frequency of change of images in flies is about 300 shots a minute, whereas in humans this figure is only 24 frames.

Canadian Museum of insects at Victoria Bug Zoo has developed an unusual concept of the stand, which allows passers-by to look at the world through the eyes of insects

The Unique visual system of a fly has about 3.5 thousands of small hexagonal facets, each of which is able to capture only the most meager detail of the image. Due to this structure of the eye, the fly is able to instantly navigate in space, which basically makes it so elusive for a running sneaker.

what is the most powerful camera in the world?

The Most powerful camera in the world is rightly recognized , which was developed in the framework of the construction of the Large SYNOPTIC survey Telescope in Chile. The developers believe that the commencement of operation of the most powerful camera in the world will happen very soon — in 2022. Giant camera weighs about 3 tons, with the size of a small car. According to calculations, the active operation of the telescope will occur within 10 years, during which the camera of the telescope will do about 800 pictures of the sky in the highest resolution. Scientists hope that the use of such telescope will be able to help humanity much better to learn the Universe than ever before.

the LSST Concept — ground-based telescope of a new generation with the world's most advanced camera

what do you think, is it ever possible to create a device that can surpass the human eye in all respects? Let's try to discuss this question in or


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