In Australia found a very beautiful spiders. Just look at them.


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In Australia found a very beautiful spiders. Just look at them.

Many people spiders are creepy because they are not only that looks terrible, so also can be poisonous. But some of them should not be afraid — for example, beautiful spiders of the genus Maratus, which are painted in bright colors and attract females with their graceful dancing. Some time ago a video with them found on the Internet quite a lot of popularity and people began to actively look for them in nature to photograph. Eventually this led to the fact that thanks to ordinary people, scientists were able to open dozens of new types of extraordinarily beautiful spiders. Recently, 22-year-old specialist in the study of spiders Joseph Schubert discovered 7 new species of creatures, and it's a great excuse to talk about the reason for their popularity, about their life and the level of danger to humans.

The little spider

So, what are they — the spiders of the genus Maratus? In English literature they are known as spiders-peacocks, so let's continue to call them that. These tiny spiders, not larger than 5 millimeters they are found in Australia and China. They have good eyesight which helps them hunt for small flies and other insects. Scientists believe that in most cases these creatures sneaking up to unsuspecting victims and pounce on them. Among spiders, peacocks eat poisonous types, but they are not dangerous people. Many of us would not even notice these millimeter on my body and just would be brushed or accidentally crushed.

the Second of the discovered species, Maratus Azureus, it has a military color. But really he's harmless and he may notice only the most attentive people.

The Most amazing feature of these spiders is their external beauty. Male spiders-the peacocks have brightly colored belly, which they straightened out and demonstrate when they see females. If females come to know him better, they put their paws up and starting to do the courtship dance. If the color of their bodies and movements like the females, they will allow to mate with them. It is important to note that the spots on the bodies of spiders, peacocks do not reflect light, what in 2019 already . Beauty and grace and can explain the popularity spiders, peacocks online. Right now view a video on the mating dance of a spider-the peacock, captured by the expert on insects Jurgen Otto. Already I was in love.

the Study of spiders

For the First time about the existence of spiders, peacocks became known in 1878. The first was opened by the specialist insect Ferdinand Karsh, but a more careful study of these spiders was carried out by scientists of the XX century. Recently a large contribution to this has made working in London (England), the insect specialist, Joseph Schubert. According to him, from an early age and was afraid of spiders, to overcome his phobia, kept spiders as Pets.

Just look at the color of the third spider species Maratus Noggerup. Isn't he handsome? Let's discuss these spiders

At the moment Joseph Schubert managed to open 12 types of spiders, peacocks, rules which he wrote in . But lately he started to help ordinary people — discovering a tiny spider with an unusual color, they sent Joseph, their photos. Thanks to the joint work of scientists and ordinary people managed to open 7 new types of spiders, and now the scientific community knows about the existence of the 85 species of spiders of the genus Maratus.

Fourth spider Joseph found himself — he was helped by photographer Nick Volpe. It is true that this spider called Maratus Volpei

In an interview with scientific publishing Joseph Schubert shared that the spiders are completely harmless and peacocks, in his opinion, they are like little kittens. All new spider species comparable in size to rice grains and each of them has a completely different body color. But the behavior they are the same — attack victims, they quietly, and females are attracted to dancing.

the Fifth spider-handsome. Now he is known as Maratus Suae

Particularly strong Joseph Schubert liked the new look of Maratus Constellatus. First, the body color of spiders of this species is somewhat reminiscent of van Gogh's painting "Starry night." Secondly, searching for this spider Joseph took a lot of time. Like everyone else, this spider is very small in size and can be placed on the tip of a pencil. See how tiny he is, the aforementioned Jurgen Otto, who published a video on YouTube with dancing spiders.

Favorite Joseph — spider species Maratus Constellatus. Look at Google picture van Gogh's "Starry night" and make sure that the similarity really is

Actually, Jurgen Otto also makes a huge contribution to the study of some of the most beautiful spiders on the planet and his writings have . At least your photos and videos it increases the interest of the society to these spiders. Interested people looking for them in the forests of Australia and China, photographed, and sent Joseph, or Jurgen. Only here, in most cases, people meet the known species, sodiscover new spiders rarely.

this is the seventh spider, Maratus Inaquosus. It is also found Joseph Schubert

As you can see, not all spiders on the planet — vile creatures who only want to pounce on us and bite. And if they are not the most pleasant to look at and potentially dangerous, so what? Spiders, whatever they may be, eat harmful insects and help farmers to save the crop. And they themselves are food for other animals, like some birds, lizards and small mammals. Only here every year the number of spiders decreases, and it is fraught with consequences. About what are the dangers of extinction spiders and insects recently wrote my colleague Love Sokovikova. Recommend .

Before you is a spider species Maratus peacock Laurenae


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