Mystical story of the lake of the Pyramids. Why the locals are having strange dreams


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Mystical story of the lake of the Pyramids. Why the locals are having strange dreams

The world has many mysterious places, where there are some strange things. This can be the place where lost ships or airplanes, or may simply be natural anomalies. About something we already talked, but about something we have to tell you, but now we are interested in a place that is connected with ancient legends. This story has romance, betrayal, death, human cruelty, a bit of nonsense and angry spirits. It seems that the place which we speak, it's just a lake, but numerous reports of tourists and locals say that it is not. But from a geological point of view it really is just a mountain lake — the lake of the Pyramids.

Where is lake Pyramid

Pyramid Lake is located on the territory of the United States. If to speak more precisely, near the city of Reno in Nevada. The place is very beautiful and attracts tourists for its scenic views. the Many tourists are not even aware of the story that occurred in that place many years ago. Maybe she was just an Indian legend. Here already everyone decides for himself what to believe.

Some tourists know what the story is behind the lake of the Pyramids, and go there not just to gawk at the views and make a couple of beautiful pictures and a touch of mysticism and thrill. Many of them claim that they succeeded.

Its a bit unusual name of the lake was due to the mountain formation, which is located on its shore. It is scattered in a chaotic manner rock formations, having a conical shape. The formation is composed of calcareous tufa, and geologists claim that the lake was formed not by itself, but due to tectonic movements separated from another larger lake.

The lake of the Pyramids is a mountain not only because of the surrounding mountains, but due to the height at which it is located. It is 1157 m above sea level, and the lake area is 487 square miles.

it Seems that this lake there is no end in sight.

the legend of the lake of the Pyramids

The Lake is located on the reservation of the Indian tribe Pautov. The legend, which became the basis for these places is very ancient and is part of the culture of the local Indians. She's not just living his life, and passed down from generation to generation . According to this legend, the local mountains it's not the geological formations, and something completely different.

Legend has it that many years ago the young son of a tribal chief went on shore and met a beautiful girl. Almost from the first glance the young people loved each other and wanted never to leave. It would seem that this is no big deal, and is enough mutual desire and blessing people. But the situation was much more complex.

It Turned out that the girl has one secret that she told her mate. She was the daughter of an ordinary woman and the spirit of the lake. So she's only half human. For the second half it was a water snake. This did not bother the young Indian, who was willing to put up with it. But at the same time he was ready to accept the fact that in human form she could only be a few months out of the year. So much he loved her.

Saying that it will not interfere with their feelings, the young man took his sweetheart to meet with their own members. Only the people were not ready to accept it, got angry and killed the bride of the young man.

the Indians in those days were tough guys. Just that — were immediately killed.

This led to the fact that the spirit lake tribe imposed on the terrible curse. Once a year, on the day of the death of his daughter, in the children of the tribe were supposed to possess the evil spirits to kill his parents in order to propitiate the spirit of the lake, which was angry with people because of the loss of his daughter.

The Elders knew that this must have something to do, and agreed once a year to sacrifice to the lake one baby. So the souls of the victims began to fly over the lake and live in its waters. There is evidence that they once a year take the bottom fishers come in a dream to the people who spent the night on the shore of the lake.

So the lake of the Pyramids became a symbol of human cruelty and what price they had to pay in order to atone for the spirit of the lake.

According to legend, the stone formations on the shore of the lake is nothing more than petrified tears of the mothers, which they shed on the shore of this lake.

Maybe it looks like the spirit of the lake of the Pyramids.

Mystical phenomena of lake Pyramid in Nevada

Many tourists and locals do claim that heard on the banks of the cries of babies, and something like the moaning and crying. Further versions may vary. Or it really is connected with a legend, or that there is a logical explanation, and statements of local residents that other, as attempt to attract more tourists to the lake. .

As scientific explanations scientists give it an unusual landscape, which can create such turbulence of air flow when which sound similar to what tourists say. Maybe they are not so similar, but if you know what you need to hear, that is what you will hear.

This also explains the strangedreams. I have and how they can be based on what is happening around. It is something like supplements reality. Many have faced situations when you fall asleep in the transport and you dream that you're still on the bus or train but what happens next is already a dream. That is why dangerous drowsy driving. The driver may simply not know that he was asleep. A couple of stories from drivers I've heard personally. One told me that he felt like he rides around the city, although the nearest settlement was tens of kilometers. In the end, he woke up and all ended well, but that's the way dreams can be supplemented by events in the real world.

Legends are part of the cultural heritage of every people and we must treat them with respect. Moreover, sometimes some things are really hard to explain logic, but then the scientists helping us. Consider whether the lake of the Pyramids mystical place, or simply a beautiful location — you decide. I just shared an interesting and mystical legend that exists in our world.

So beautiful on the lake of the Pyramids, but behind this grim legend.


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