Space at the Aurora Station is expected to open in 2021


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Space at the Aurora Station is expected to open in 2021

Want to see 16 times solar sunrises and sunsets in a day? To feel your body effects of microgravity and enjoy the fantastic views of our planet from the outside? It is likely that in 2021 you will have the opportunity. However, in the presence of 9.5 million dollars. This is the sum of us appreciates the opportunity to spend 12 days aboard the Aurora Station — the first space hotel, which is scheduled to open in 2 years.

Space at the Aurora Station will be a modular station which can accommodate 6 people – 4 tourists and 2 crew members. It is expected that it will be in low earth orbit at an altitude of 320 km.

"Our goal is to make space accessible to all. After the launch of Aurora Station operation will start once, giving you the opportunity to see the space with my own eyes for far less than ever value," — says chief Executive Aurora Station and founder of Orion Span Frank Banders.

Of Course the price is almost $ 10 million for stay in Earth's orbit goes far beyond the budget of any other two-week vacation on earth, but in a Span assured that the hotel will be in great demand because it can offer a fulfilling experience of staying in space for a much smaller amount asked, for example, stay on the ISS. In the years 2001-2009 the cost of a private trip every space tourist at a cost of $20-40 million, noted on the Orion website Span.

Dimensions Aurora Station — a 13.3 4.3 meters, which is similar to a small private plane. Before the flight to the station, space tourists will have to undergo three-month training course and obtain a "Certificate of astronaut Orion Span". All training will be conducted by veterans of the space craft, with a huge experience of work in Earth orbit.

Guests can enjoy the sunrises, to maintain a constant video call with relatives on the Ground (promise access to high-speed Wi-Fi), relax in the specially designed cells to sleep and to eat space rations of the highest quality. In addition, on Board the Aurora Station planned research experiments. For example, there will grow plants that guests can take with them back to Earth as a souvenir. After each flight "Aurora" the entire interior of the hotel will change a new one.

According to the latest data, now Orion Span is seeking investors willing to acquire ownership of part of Aurora Station.

The Plans are ambitious. How would that work? Please share your opinion in our .


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