Why dreams occur and whether or not to believe in them


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Why dreams occur and whether or not to believe in them

How nice after a hard day to sleep in my soft and cozy bed. Covered with a blanket, cheer up a pillow and sleep quietly. The working day at this moment, but another life begins. In this life any of us can be a superhero, millionaire, athlete, or just an observer. You can live life or watch it. So, it is possible to sleep, or on the contrary sharply to Wake up. All this is possible in a dream. That's just where they come from, why we need them and whether to treat them seriously? Everyone has their own opinion and we will talk about it in the comments. Now just let's discuss interesting facts and scientific explanations that is associated with dreams.

What are dreams

To study any phenomenon needs its own science. It has sleep. It's called somnology. This study examines the dreams, but only the physical condition of the human dream. It dreams of studying science oneirology.

Now we have more interesting dreams than a physiological process. Because dreams make our nights interesting. Although, dreams are not all night, but only in some periods. For further convenience in the article and in order to use a more familiar word, will old-fashioned to call the dream of dreams.

Speaking scientifically, the images, we see when we sleep are the subjective images arising in the mind of a sleeping man. It is in the mind! This is further proof that even when he sleeps, man is awake and does not lose touch with the outside world. When the body is immersed in a state of sleep, brain activity is only 10-15% less than during wakefulness. In this state he engaged in the recovery of the body organizes memories and carries out setting of all systems.

Where are the dreams

There are many theories and hypotheses on the topic, where are the dreams. One thing is for sure — generates the dreams our brain. Why he does it, we'll figure it out later.

After falling asleep, the brain goes into a slightly different mode of operation. In it, he scrolls through all the information that passed through it during the day. Something is stored in the deeper layers of memory, something thrown. As a result of this activity and manifest dreams.

Remember this element from the film «Home»?

Scientists found that while viewing dreams are most active are the same areas that are active during the day. Among them, occipital region (associated with visual perception) and the parietal region (responsible for processing sensory information)

Why dream dreams

With the appearance of dreams is less understood. Now let's see, what do they need. There are opinions of scholars and experts disagree even more. For example, one version is that the brain generates possible threats, to enable them to prepare and in real life, something to oppose them. According to this view, the nightmare nothing but the exercise.

This version seems very plausible, but if so, why, then, dream nice dreams? Some scientists believe that the way people or closing of any difficulties, creating a good mood, or trying to increase their self-esteem. In the first case the relationship does not have to be direct. For example, if a person is humiliated at work, this does not mean that he had a universal love in the office. He can dream that he became a famous athlete and won the world championship.

In the case of increasing self-esteem and so everything is clear. The man just comes up with what he lacks — fame, fortune, friends, women and much more.

Sometimes dreams are dreams, when something the person is looking forward, constantly thinks about it and the dream can mount your dream. Or Vice versa, to restore in the alternate reality events of the past that occupy his thoughts.

Sometimes the dreams are very strange and even scary.

Another interesting theory formulated by physiologist Ivan by Sechenova. He believed that dreams — this is just human reaction to external stimuli. On the basis of their brain and generates images. That is, if you're cold in the dream, you will dream that you are on the snow. If the street can hear disturbing sounds, may be a dream a nightmare and so on.

This theory makes sense. You've probably noticed that if you fall asleep while watching a movie, he starts to dream something based on the plot of this movie.

As usual, your special way is old Sigmund Freud. He argued that dreams — this is nothing but an attempt of the subconscious to send encrypted information about forbidden sexual thoughts. For example, when there is a latent sexual attraction to a blood relative, he can not realize their desire. In the end, he does it in his sleep. That's just where it all takes place in encrypted form.

Same Sigmund Freud.

Generally convenient. Tell me any game, explain it as hidden sexual desires, and the question ”why?” answer me that you still do not understand.

When this files most often have dreams

Usually dreams are associated with the phase of paradoxical sleep.It is also called the phase of rapid eye movement (REM) or REM sleep. The fact that human sleep is divided into cycles and they change in waves. In the relaxed phase of the person as calm as possible, and at the peak of the heartbeat quickens, the muscles tense and the brain is more active. It is in these moments of dreams, and the brain is most ready for awakening. What is primary is not yet clear. The individual may be mobilized due to the fact that he was dreaming, and maybe Vice versa.

REM sleep occurs approximately every two and a half hours and the dreams during this period the most striking. Recent research shows that dreams and in a calm phase sleep, but they are very dull and unemotional.

do All people dream? You see the dreams of babies?

Scientists say that human physiology is designed in such a way that it simply can not dream. All people see dreams. Those who say that he doesn't dream, just don't remember them. Perhaps this is due to some mental disorder or just a special behavior of the brain in this night.

If all people see dreams, you can do that babies? According to the most popular theories, people are beginning to dream already in the eighth week of its fetal development. Of course, this is not the dreams to which we are accustomed, because the child haven't seen anything yet. Even in the early years of life dreams is far from what adults see. Normal images begin to form about three years. Before the dreams of children are of alternating colors.

Only three years children begin lucid dreaming.

Of Course, it is impossible to prove, as hardly to collect focus group and interview all.

Why Wake up if fell into a dream

Many are familiar with the sensation of falling during sleep. Usually it is very real and in this moment are really starting to feel weightlessness or free fall.

One of the most logical explanations for such a feeling is sudden awakening certain parts of the brain. These special zones are located in one of the sections of the trunk of the human brain. The beams receive information from the inner ear and control the position of the body.

In the moment of falling asleep, they are moving in the inactive mode, but in the phase of shallow sleep can rapidly intensify. This time a person may flinch and Wake up.

If she takes a step forward, it just wakes up

As often happens when you sleep in transport, when the body is flexing, and the sleep is shallow. Also in a similar situation can be, if the phase of shallow sleep to stumble or to fall from somewhere. The brain perceives this as a real drop and gives the signal to regroup.

is it Possible to control your dreams

There is nothing supernatural. That's just not necessary to be carried out on some cool points that will help you to shape your dreams. All very doubtful and not the fact that will actually work. Especially considering that the method of operation of such devices is not scientifically proven.

In order to control dreams, you have to understand that you sleep. Usually realize it after waking up. In the dream, everything and realistic. For me I noticed that I see lucid dreams about once a week or two.

If what is happening in the dream is not very realistic, easier to understand, that he is sleeping. If he did, he can explore the world of my dream, or Vice versa, to try to Wake up if he has a nightmare.

The process of controlling the dreams very interesting, but we must act subtly. Usually this happens on the verge of sleep and wakefulness. So to Wake up in this condition very easily.

Can I watch the dream after waking up

Technically to watch the rest of your dream after waking up, no big deal. Especially if you are awake finally.

When the machine humming, or someone slammed a door in the hallway, the man wakes up, but not completely. If at this point begin to actively think about what you dreamed, you can gradually go to sleep and ”watch” the rest of the story.

The Main thing is not to roam and not go into awake mode. In this case, inspect the sleep, it just will not work. It is also possible to consider some time, but if this is not done, dream just forgotten. However, there is a way to keep it in memory.

How to memorize your dream

Since the original purpose of dreams is not that they are not stored in the deeper layers of memory. In order to remember a dream forever, you have as much detail as possible to remember immediately after waking up. After that it is necessary or to write, or the maximum number of times to scroll to memory and he remembered.

the easiest way to remember a dream — to write it.

An Interesting thing happens. If a lot of time to scroll through memory a poem, song, or role in the play, she will be remembered for a very long time. the Information on the dream, even if it is rooted in memory, stillwill be rejected by. To explain this properly so far failed, but it is a fact. There are exceptions, but that dream faster erased from memory than anything else.

what dream color dreams

At One time it was believed that colored dreams only to people who have schizophrenia or have similar deviations. Actually it is not so.

All people see is a pretty abstract dreams, most of which show only contours and outlines of objects. The rest of the people draws at the expense of his imagination.

So dream dream in the first place so who has a good imagination and children, as they are still blinkered by the framework of the world. People with certain types of mental disorders too . Perhaps that is why two phenomena (color dreams and schizophrenia) linked this way.

what a dream... Can you believe horoscopes

In order to understand whether to believe in horoscopes, it is necessary to understand the nature of this phenomenon. If dreams are dreams, what is called ”fact” (it was cold — had snow), then to say that he is prophetic, wrong.

On the other hand, the mystical explanation of dreams occupies a wide place in the culture of modern society. Some genuinely believe in it, others just want to have fun and see how it matches the ”internal prediction” with the actual events.

However, the fact is that the downers or the interpreters of dreams are made by people based on real facts. That is, if 100 people had the frog and the next day, 98 of them found a purse on the road, it something Yes means.

On the other hand, many dreams were made so long ago that just don't apply to real life in any way. Psychologists in different times treated them differently. Some said that there is a connection and a brain can do something to predict, and others said that people just programs himself seen in a dream and it happens.

In any case, all agreed that the dream carries one. It is not necessary to remember the whole dream and look in the dream book everything. It is necessary to take only the part that was most vivid or just the most important in this dream. At the same time as if you watched a movie about bikers and you had a bright bike? It's not a clean way and imposed.

remember to have only the most vivid part of the dream.

Many interpreted the dreams retroactively. For example, remember that two days ago I saw in a dream a hammer, and today I got a flat tire. In the end, they open the dream book and it says ”hammer dreams to difficulties”. Not argue, punctured wheel is the difficulty. Here are the modern urban dweller every day there are difficulties.

Prophetic dreams

A Separate topic are the prophetic dreams. Those are right saying it should be with you today (or soon) occur. You can argue any longer, but they can also be either a coincidence, or just the ability of man to predict events.

He thought a long time what to do in a relationship with a business partner. this information, but chose the right decision and built a chain of events that will follow. As a result, it came to pass, but due to the fact that the connection between the events was not very obvious, the dream began to seem mystical.

In addition, many details of the dream are lost, and when something happens, in the memory of the missing parts can be supplemented with new facts. Remember the main story thread.

On the other hand, I personally know a man who told me that he dreamed something, and then it with amazing accuracy came true. Perhaps again it is a question of intuition, as it is this man all right.

a Dream, like another world. Sometimes it is very nice to reach.

There can be more to say about the déjà vu (the feeling that what is happening already). This feeling may occur due to the fact that the person subconsciously remembers something from his dreams. Maybe even what he realized. That is, it's not that he woke up and remembered it as though something. Such ”shadow” dreams and can be the cause of deja vu.

Should we be afraid of dreams

In my opinion, the unequivocal answer here is ”no.” If not to take dreams too seriously and not to wait from them for something, they are just pretty fun at night. If you had a nightmare and you feel uncomfortable to fall asleep again, just try not to think about it. Well, if you are constantly having nightmares, you should see a specialist. This does not mean that you have any problems with the head. Most likely you just have something bothering you or something in the body isn't working. Inside us all there are closely linked, so this could very well be.

If you're reading this in the evening, good night and pleasant dreams!

sleep is a wonderful state that is comparable to the parallel world.


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