The malaria vaccine successfully passed clinical trials


2017-02-16 11:00:06




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Mosquitoes remain the primary vector of malaria. According to the world health organization every year malaria sick from 124 to 283 million people, of which 755 thousand cases are fatal. And as soon as the scholars tried with the spread of the disease, even in populations of Anopheles to reduce tried, but to no avail. And finally, a very promising malaria vaccine successfully passed clinical trials and is ready to stand on the arms of doctors.

Today 90% of all cases of malaria are recorded on the African continent South of the Sahara desert. Mosquitoes spread in your body of the parasite of the genus Plasmodium, which enter the human blood in the time of the bite. The parasite quickly enters the hepatocytes of the liver, giving rise to the preclinical stage of the disease. In the liver the parasite grows and multiplies, and after 1-6 weeks (some strains multiply in the liver to 10 months) re-enters the blood. The patient at this time suffered from fever, chills, joint pain, vomiting, and seizures. Plasmodium stimulate the system to produce substances that attract other mosquitoes to spread the disease further. If time does not establish the diagnosis and to start treatment, there is a serious risk of death of the patient.

Scientists for over 20 years working on an effective malaria vaccine, and finally they were lucky. A new vaccine has demonstrated efficacy against dangerous diseases, close to 100%. Breakthrough managed to make researchers from Tubingen University in Germany in cooperation with specialists of the company Sanaria Inc. Despite the fact that other scientists today, there are several , that this serum was the first clinically successful.

The Vaccine was tested on 67 adults, subjects who had never suffered malaria. Experimenting with different intervals of administration of the vaccine, the researchers came to the conclusion that the most effective is its introduction three large doses, at intervals of four weeks. In this subgroup of subjects all participants remained 100% resistant to the disease even after 10 weeks after the last injection. While there have been no serious side effect of the vaccine, and this despite the fact that it contains a live Plasmodium.

According to the author of the study Peter Kremsner, protection is achieved by your body's production of specific T-lymphocytes and antibodies in response to the penetration of parasites into the blood. The vaccine has passed the incubation period of reproduction of Plasmodium in the liver, which is used from the adult parasites. The immune system begins to actively fight off invasion and produces a natural and a highly effective shield against malaria. To live parasites are not caught the reins and did not provoke the onset of the disease, the scientists added in the vaccine chloroquine – an effective drug against malaria.

Scientists are very pleased with the results of the first clinical trials and you want to fix the result of additional testing and research. After a few years the vaccine will be able to enter the service of the doctors in those countries where you need it.


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