Russian developers have created a service for viewing YouTube without ads


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Russian developers have created a service for viewing YouTube without ads

It's No secret that most scientific video now published on YouTube — can be found there and experiments of scientists, and the latest videos from Boston Dynamics. Of course, conveniently, all in one place, but not very nice that one area enjoys its monopoly and is trying to impose additional amenities (Yes, we are talking about advertising). And if you endure a pop-up banner in the free game is still possible, then to accept the fact that advertising interrupts the video playback on YouTube is much more difficult.

On the one hand, advertising may be considered the engine of progress, but equally it is an irritant, from which many are trying to get rid of. And well if it was only a nuisance because of the background playback of the content, and downloading videos for offline viewing YouTube also asks for money. But the developers of the new videohostinga a different approach, they believe that consumption of the content does not have to pay, and offer a service where you can watch videos from around the web, including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. And Yes, to do it absolutely for free.

The Main idea of the creators of the service was to give users a new platform where you can watch videos for free and no ads (at all), and that the audience was comfortable with the new hosting, there are many popular video sites, including YouTube. Yes, the same movie you can see in two places, here only on the main will not show the ad banner to half of the page, and while viewing the playback will not be endlessly interrupted for a commercial break.

In this is available to almost all the benefits of YouTube. The main page is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and allows you to immediately access the content. On your favorite channels you can quickly subscribe to not miss the release of a new video, plus there are the usual sections c trends, collections and history.

Loved the search — you can select the desired quality, length of video and date download, not to spend on finding a roller for 10 minutes and reduce the sample to a couple of pages. The same is also available for viewing.

While viewing do no advertising — feeling like downloaded videos to your computer and watch it. At first even it was unusual, but quickly get used to good. To adapt to a new interface is not difficult, since many menu items are similar to those on YouTube — likes, comments, views and so on.

The Commercials are broadcast in good quality (if possible, you can choose the quality of playback), you can watch while on the cellular network. The connection is stable and the playback is not interrupted. Built-in player multi-function, but without the extra clutter of elements.

What are the functions of free YouTube, the

  • View videos without ads
  • the
  • Background content
  • the
  • No limit on streaming
  • Free download videos to the device for offline viewing

mobile app

It's No secret that most of the video we look at smartphones and tablets, so the developers of the service in time podsuetilis and have released the app immediately and and . The application is very easy and done in a minimalist design while offering the functionality of the desktop version — from finding and viewing the video to explore the trends of the Board subscriptions.

Plus there is the possibility of the streams without any restrictions and even upload your own videos. Due to the fact that the application is simple, but multifunctional, they are very easy to understand (especially if you once managed to do it with YouTube app).

But most importantly — have the ability to download videos to the device to watch or listen where there is no network. And... yeah, it's also free.

So we have already downloaded applications wherever possible, has kept the site bookmarked and will follow the development of the service.

Application: — free video hosting
Developer: AI TI SERVIS, OOO
Version: 5.0 or later
Price: Free
Link: Download


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