How to learn programming with Python?


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How to learn programming with Python?

Over the last few weeks the popularity of online courses and sector of online learning as a whole grew by almost 4 times. Why? First, now many are in isolation, in order not to lose your head in idleness, trying to occupy myself with something useful (and rightly so). In addition, people got laid off, and those who have already managed again to collect my thoughts, realize that you have to look for work that can be done remotely. Comes to mind the profession of a web developer in Python: it is always in demand and not so difficult to learn as some other languages.

the Python programming Language

Why are we talking about the Python? Because it is relatively easy to learn, this is a great programming language to start — and many are just at this stage and are. Even if you've never been programming, and your knowledge is limited to "Hello world", I can relatively quickly learn Python. It has a simple syntax, and to code on it — almost like writing normal sentences in English.

part of the code written in Python.

Web developers in Python may well work in the office from home that in the current realities particularly relevant. Almost all of the tasks they perform remotely, and now even to get together with other colleagues do not need to create a conference in the Zoom or the Microsoft Teams. To discuss everything and immediately get to work for a Cup of morning coffee.

Python is nice in that it — a universal language. That is, it can be used not only write a website, to make landing page with animation or multi-page website with complex structure. In Python, you can write mobile or desktop applications. Of course, it will still need a good practice with web development, but then can easily take in a mobile app, thus expanding its pool of projects (and the boundaries of the money).

the Python Developers are greatly in demand and get a good salary

How to learn programming with Python

Of course, you Can load a whole folder of literature to dive into it and try to understand if something is not clear, but it will take a lot of time and nerves. Now it is advisable to learn in a short time, and that nothing would stop, including the constant search of questions that always arise in the study. In the labor market will soon have a lot of young developers, and the sooner you start training the better. I advise you to pay attention to online courses, but which must have the support of a mentor (a supervisor who is always connected and will help with questions), and be sure to have PRACTICAL tasks. Theory know, of course, good, but in future work, believe me, you will not ask a section of the manual. They need to enable you to apply the received knowledge in practice.

In the SkillFactory just recently opened a new set of online course "". The school has clear courses, good mentors and a great practical base. You will be taught HTML and CSS to help you master Javascript and plunge head first into Python. In addition, you'll work with Django framework, learn the basics of SQL and Git service. Even if now it's all for you — a set of strange letters at the end of the training you will be able to understand all this like a professional. The program content will suffice for most purposes a basic and advanced level.

How the education in SkillFactory

Most Importantly, what a mentor you from the very start of the program: it answers any questions on the subject, examines along with you tasks, oversees the final projects. Thus, by the end of training you have in the portfolio will have two website which are fully designed by you, web service and knowledge. It will definitely be something to show to the employer.

Mentor will help at every stage

This is only part of the skills that become available after training

Of Course, like any other good course it's not free, but the creators are well aware of the current situation with income and economy, so you can pay in installments. And especially for readers still valid code hi-news-35, which entitles you to the 35% discount. Enough to leave the application until may 20 to notify the code Manager. Details .

Learn programming in Python.

Even if you have never been programming, Python can learn


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