How filmmakers deceive us?


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How filmmakers deceive us? Source:

Today will be once again destroying the myths

Whether you Love the way I love him? I think the question was a bit rhetorical, since the movie love everything or almost everything. In our time no surprise twisted plot, cool special effects, gorgeous girls and some of the cliches that we take for granted. Today we will understand, whether there is scientific justification that sometimes happens on the screen, and whether you can believe everything they say.

It Often happens that movies are made to be more spectacular. The viewer no matter what happens, the main thing that it was all clear. As practice shows, not all wonder why when shot in the cover (!) the fuel tank flap . From such rough accents filmmakers, fortunately, moving away, but some clichés still remain. Here they are!

is it Possible to sedate the person with chloroform?

The Answer is ”Yes and no”. Chloroform in the movies as an ideal chemical weapon, which is able to sedate the person with the first breath. While not causing him harm.

In fact, the chloroform works differently. He can really deprive a person of feelings. At the same time, don't even need large doses. The handkerchief moistened with chloroform, is sufficient for immersion ”grandma slumber”. Here are just instantly it just can't happen. Even with large doses of the euthanasia of a man will need about five minutes.

So put people to sleep in movies, but in reality it is not working

It is for this reason chloroform is used only on the big screen. In life it is used for the good of man, as it has some useful properties and is even used as anesthesia.

is it Possible to revive ancient animals?

Thanks to the many movies we think of ancient animals can be revived through science. More thoughts about it throw in such films as ”Jurassic Park”. If you believe its creators, we can find in stones, in amber, in ice and other places of the DNA of ancient monsters and ”revive” them.

Perhaps one on the planet could meet and such, but to revive him anymore.

I Hasten to disappoint you! That is impossible... the Issue here is not even in the development of science, and that can not exist so long. You say that the scientists were able to reconstruct the DNA of mammoths and you're right. Here are just mammoths became extinct about 4,000 years ago and 65 million years ago. The difference is more than substantial.

You have the right to remain silent

In the movies we often see the police in catching a criminal, put handcuffs on him and this time read him his rights, beginning with the words ”You have the right to remain silent”. This is in accordance with the Miranda rule, which really exists, except in the movies, everything is always distorted.

This has Probably been done in order to show what police work brave boys, and how they respect the rights of any person, even a criminal. In fact, the rights are read, as a rule, before questioning, and then the officer must always receive the answer that detainees understand their rights.

the Rights of the suspect can be offset and after the arrest.

The Miranda Rule was introduced by the U.S. Supreme court's decision in 1966 to ensure the rights against self-incrimination. Since then, any information obtained from the detainee during interrogation before he was read his rights cannot be considered admissible evidence. So law and read it before questioning, and not during detention. It is unlikely police will interview the offender in the car while taking him to the station.

What is the temperature of the meteorite

Now, movies about the collision of meteorites with the Earth removed less frequently than before, but they are still there. Very often in these films, the meteors appear as fireballs that are hot by themselves. But we all know that it's not.

an Example of a meteorite that is already burning, but not even entered the atmosphere.

Meteor — it is a cold stone, which when entering the atmosphere leaves a trail of fire. Here only there is it not from the internal heat and friction from the air and release of energy, which it kindles. However, in some movies meteorites are shown as a heat source that is fundamentally wrong.

can the bullet to tilt the person

Often in films we see the characters you shoot someone, and he flies back. I think life is this possible? Hardly!

The Laws of physics can not cheat and if throws the victim from hitting him with bullets, arrowsshould experience even bigger boost. Great it would be from the fact that in the case of a victim of the bullet gradually slowed down, penetrating the body, and the shooter, she comes out of the gun relative to the fixed rigidly to the arm. In addition, immediately after leaving the barrel the bullet begins to lose speed. This means that the farther she flew, the less impact it will have on people (in contrast to the moment of firing, when a bullet it is necessary to disperse, overcoming inertia — at this point, the energy impact of the maximum).

Even a bullet from a gun of large caliber can not throw

Thus, the momentum of the slug in a human cannot be stronger than the recoil of the gun. It turns out that in the movies, people fly off after the shot only to emphasize the effect or emphasis on a large caliber weapon at hand. Now let's discuss what you think about it.

how many calls has the right to the detainee?

In the movie we are constantly show that the prisoner is entitled to one phone call. This is again a deception or just a mistake. There are cases where the detainee will not be able to make any call, but sometimes he can resolve to shoot the breeze as much as he needs.

the Detainee can give some calls, but you can generally isolate it from the phone.

Everything depends on the decision of the investigator and the severity of the crime. Only they can affect the number and duration of calls. If the investigator finds that too much talk can interfere with the investigation (person will warn someone of the accomplices will be asked to destroy evidence, etc.), it may even prohibit communication. The lawyer in this case will cause the police themselves. Sometimes Vice versa, when the offense is not very serious and the investigator is not concerned about the investigation. In this case, the suspect can give the right more than one call.

Shooting with two hands

Remember how cool the guys shoot a movie with two hands at the same time? Agree, looks very impressive. That's only in real life, this technique is applicable to very bad.
Physically there is nothing complicated to hold two pistols of any person, but the shooting in this case will be several times less effective. Much more bullets will go on target, if you shoot sighting from the same gun. The shooting of the two barrels is only relevant if you shoot with two guns and have unlimited ammo. In reality this does not happen. So, if you are a movie villain, it's better to use one gun.

So the hits will be significantly less. Although it looks impressive

Pulling teeth checks

Yet Another spectacular reception for the gallant soldier is pulling checks from grenades with their teeth. You guessed it — this is another myth.

The fact that the grenade is a threat that the explosion has a large radius of destruction. So she accidentally tripped the mechanism checks made very dense. Just pull it will not work. Even if you manage to do it with his teeth, the hero will then only eat cereal and chopped fruit — to chew, he can not.

In reality take the pin out you can only hand

If you look at how you pull the pin out by hand (including in the movie), it is clear that the force is applied is large and the elbows of the person in this case, set wide apart. This shows that it is necessary to pull strongly. Turns out this is another technique to demonstrate the coolness of the hero. Like Dwayne Johnson, who holds the mounted machine gun from the helicopter.

How not to drown in quicksand

The Filmmakers think (or just trying to convince us of this) that getting into quicksand in a deserted place is correct . This is another misconception that causes people to panic in a real encounter with the phenomenon and to put your life at risk.

In this movie the hero of Pierre Richard pulled out when he almost drowned. In life he could get out himself.

Quicksand — it's just sand mixed with water and sometimes with clay. If you do not panic, the maximum risk from the meeting with them will be limited to soiled clothing. Even if a person is sucked under the earth, do not think that this, in fact, the puddle reaches the center of the Earth. She always has great depth, in addition, lost at times and not reaching the bottom, people will be able to go, pulling myself up.

Dangerous sharks?

Some movies for example ”Jaws” cemented in our minds the view that sharks can smell a drop of blood miles away and almost instantly to be close to the victim.

the Shark can sense blood in the water, but not for tens of kilometers.

Have really developed such a feeling, but not as much as we used to think. Some researchers agree that the shark can sense blood in a volume of water equal to the volume of an Olympic swimming pool. Thus, if you cut yourself in the water and are sure that within a radius of fifty meters are no sharks, you can be calm. If you are not sure, better to dump.

Why cheat?

To Call the filmmakers deception full deception impossible. It's probably just exaggeration designed to make the film morespectacular. It's just that sometimes they go overboard and make some scenes too cloying.

In any case, the film — it's a fantasy world, every time we go to the cinema, we are glad to be deceived. So let's not be blaming the authors and just have fun. Just know that in real life some things are absolutely not applicable.


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