Learn how to make unusual photos on your smartphone!


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Learn how to make unusual photos on your smartphone!

Most Likely, you've seen photographs in which reality resonates with bold, colorful strokes. If you thought that this was done on the computer, then it is not so. Today we'll show you how to make these pictures even on a smartphone.

The Style of these images is called “freezelight” and, first and foremost, it should be noted that to create them you need a smartphone, allowing you to shoot in manual mode and set the shutter speed. For example, such as . The only way you can “freeze light”.

The Principle of creating such images is based on the simple effect of a long exposure. If you set the shutter speed for at least 10 seconds, the matrix is able to collect maximum light, making the light even in complete darkness.

For Example, if in a dark room you put a camera with a long exposure, you can get quite a clear picture of this room and can see many details that even the eyes can't see in the dark, not that the camera is in normal operation. With that understood, now let's see in more detail what you need to create freezelight picture.

the Interesting fact!
Camera new ZTЕ Ahop 9 Pro has excellent optics and a manual mode for implementation described in this article ways to create freezelight pictures. And the possibility of exposure, will nicely remove light traces from the cars, stars and flowing water.


Stability! Only stability

Since we're talking about prolonged exposure, it should be understood that not to move the camera even a fraction of a millimeter, holding it in his hands, is simply impossible. That's why you need a tripod.

Since we are talking about shooting on a smartphone, you can use any, even the smallest tripod. Its main task is to stand the weight of the smartphone and not exposed to wind (if you're outside). Even if you have no tripod, it does not matter and you can just allocating smartphone for something. The main thing that he fell.


get Dressed in the dark

The Camera shoots the image, gradually letting light onto the sensor. So if you move more during the process, the will be more qualitative. Even a slight movement will give the desired effect of “traces” in the picture. But if you'll dress up in dark clothes, is imperceptible some delays in the frame. Therefore, give preference to dark clothing.


What to use for “drawing”

Ways of drawing very much important that the light source you are using was not very bright, otherwise it will be very light matrix, and the picture will be the spots rather than streaks.

You Can try to “paint” with the flash other smartphone, but in this case you will have to cover it with several layers of cloth or fabric. But this method is best used in an extreme case, because the lines can get very fuzzy.

It is best to use one or more LEDs, each of which is attached to the battery-pill. This set can be bought in any electronics store and it will cost just a few tens of rubles.

You can Also use small led flashlights keychain or something similar.


Which shutter speed to set?

Optimal exposure value is difficult to call. It depends on the space and features of a particular smartphone. To start, try to do what I wanted in a dark room with an exposure of 10 seconds. If the picture is very dark, increase the shutter speed. If the light, is to reduce it or to find ways to isolate the room from the light (close the door tightly to close the curtains, and so on).

When you select the perfect combination of exposure and illumination, the next time you will already be easier to determine a more appropriate option.

How to understand what to draw

As the drawing is in fact false, and in the process you will be given very little time, is just think about what you want to portray.

Not to get lost in the frame, it is necessary to consider their movements and to calculate the time for their Commission.


What to avoid

Most Importantly, what you should avoid when you create freezelight pictures, it's extraneous light sources in the frame. If they are, you can get too focused and will spoil the picture.

Another is to guard against fading in the frame. If you linger just a few seconds upon exposure of 10-15 seconds, then the frame can remain your face or hands. Try even in the moment when you stood in one place for the details, some room to move. Or is it Vice versa, draw something and stand still in the frame. Then you will be in it. If it is too transparent, then still you stood too little time.

It indirectly follows another tip — try to keep the light with which you paint from falling on you. If this happens, even dark clothing can be covered and leave an imprint on the matrix in the form of spots that can spoil a perfect shot.


it is Already possible to start?

In General, it's all the basic tips that you can use when creating pictures, which is not ashamed to show to friends. Despite the fact that this type of shooting is relatively long, it is still fascinating, especially when you see the wizard, who was able to convey to the people his idea.

Even if you want to do it more seriously and create freezelight with a serious camera, the principles are not changed by this, and our advice needs to help you with this.

Drawing light in the air is not easy, but itbecomes much easier when you understand the process, know how to do it, and when there is a suitable smartphone for this. I hope we were able to push you to try your hand at this difficult but exciting business.

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