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Review headphones Shozy Zero — we have cookies!

The Company Shozy is not new in the world of portable audio. Their Alien player has won recognition among those who value sound quality over comfort (after all, a player without a screen is fairly hardcore gadget). Also in the company's portfolio there are different portable Capocelli, but Shozy decided to expand the model range of headphones and released one of the most controversial met models Shozy Zero.

Overall the headphones are fairly simple: wooden-metal case, regular cable, one speaker, the normal price of $ 60. But Shozy made a very unusual sound, and the camp listen to the model was divided into two diametrically opposed camps: someone loves it, someone does not understand the reasons for this adoration.



  • Beam: dynamic
  • the
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • the
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB (@ 1 kHz)
  • the
  • frequency Range: 20 Hz – 18 kHz
  • the
  • Cable: 1.2 m, symmetrical
  • the
  • Plug: 3.5 mm TRS, gold-plated
  • the
  • Weight: 5 g

Packing and delivery

This paragraph have Shozy. The first batch of headphones are generally sold in a cellophane package, but now Zero has a box and even cover. Actually, the box is made of plain glossy cardboard, very thin, with dark color printing. Inside is a pouch on the snake, like most covers headphones, only larger, and earbuds with three pairs of rubber tips in different sizes.

In General, the package is relatively minimal, no luxury but a big case where you can store and your player, if it is more or less compact.


Design and usability

And it's all the same simple and obvious. Headphones most popular and effective forms for IEM models — a simple cylinder with a chamfer on «outer» side. The main body material — rosewood wood and metal which made that part of the headphone that faces the inside of the ear. Zvukovoy quite thick, with a ledge around the edges for a secure fit of the bits, the ledge is missing the lower segment, which according to the developers, improves the sound.

Collected and customized everything quite well, no visible flaws, no. A wire of moderate thickness in soft insulation, all potential fractures are protected by plastic tabs. Block splitter, slider and plug is also made of wood. Headphones allow you to wear them wire down and behind the ear, in the latest version MIC effect is entirely absent, and in the traditional wearing of it is expressed moderately. The wire is a little hard in the cold, gets very little.

The Soundproofing in these headphones is good, just above «middle» for such a form factor. Due to the classic shape headphones will easily fit holders for almost any ears, can be for consumers. With proper selection of nozzles headphones can be worn for a long period of time without the slightest discomfort.



To listen To the following equipment was used.

  • and the role of the DAC and amplifier
  • the
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 as a source
  • the
  • the role player
  • the
  • , and the role of portable players
  • the
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours. «zero» — the case when the headphones need to warm up, however, of any hundred hours.

In General, the whole essence of the sound transferred to graph the frequency response, which the developers kindly put on the box and on the leaflet with instructions. The fact that Zero cropped top frequencies above 5 kHz. However, independent measurements carried out by the users showed that RF, this model is littered with not so much as on the chart on the box, but the headphones do have a pronounced bias in the dark. It is understood that in this case it is not a problem, but rather an elaborate step. If you look at the measurements of these headphones, it can be noted that their response in the range until about 3 kHz, very linear, the differential is only about 10 dB, so the headphones cope well with most of the range.

The Bass in this model is accented, however, it is not the merit of the NCH, and the lack of the usual «counterbalance» in the face of high frequencies. Because of this, at first, the headphones seem to be too dark and sometimes unclear, but after habituation it becomes clear that it is not so bad. Bass, of course, not reinforcing, but for the dynamic emitter speed is normal (though not prohibitive). Zero surely build the Foundation of the melody, sometimes adding the physicality of the instruments and especially the vocals, but the study of the texture remains acceptable. The separation of low-frequency instruments — also in the normal category for this level.

The midrange a bit relaxed, microtelnet not the highest. Headphones play intimate, accentuating emotions and pushing vocals to the fore. The male voices are very able «delicious», especially the baritone and below, most of the women, too, only for high female voices, they do not have a little WSC. So for Opera-lovers, this model is not exactly suitable, but for many other genres, the vocals will sound interesting, especially if the potential owner how fire is afraid of sibilants. Imaginary scene less than average, like most dark models, the headphones have an intimate flow, but in this case, there is no depth. The nature of the tools just to flatten their sizes a little less natural.

Vernacularly range is difficult to estimate, because of its almost complete absence. A small peak in the region of 10 kHz allows the headset to play hints of percussion, and the rest of the upper frequencies, while there you can even hear a good attack, but the weakness of this section on the full frequency response makes it problematic listening to the tweeters on this model. That is what those plates are playing — you will hear, but very vaguely. More precisely, just the plates are to be heard, because a peak at HF, but how about the other «the top» do. The reverse side of this supply is the lack of sharpness and other potential problems caused by RF.



Headphones moderately demanding source. Not the highest sensitivity and impedance 32Ω impose minimal demands on power, and the dark flow requires good control of the frequency range, players with accented bass will sound very rough and dull. I suspect, by the way, what a bad selection of sources and due to many negative reviews to this model. So, choosing the source to this model, you should pay attention to the players detailed and light type iHiFi 800, Cayin N5, well, or «higher level» where control is ensured throughout the AFC.

Genre headphones is also not universal, some styles of the type of jazz, soul or instrumental music dark flow is an excellent choice. Good there are some types of classics, rock, maybe a simple metal and electronic music. Absolutely not suitable for the styles where you need a wide imaginary scene and a great smooth treble: orchestral classics, brutal styles of metal, challenging rock. For example, I really like these headphones with jazz, especially with vocals, Blues, acoustic guitar, dark flow in these styles can work wonders.

The recording quality headphones tolerant, somewhere in the 6 points on a 10-point scale, but many modern records have been subjected to strong compression, they sound bad.



A Very unusual headphone, for lovers of dark (or rather to say, «not light») submission. If you are afraid of fire as HF, if you love the intimacy of the flow without a huge imaginary scenes if you want headphones with a dark sound — Shozy Zero will probably be unique and have no analogues. If something of the above mentioned points does not suit you, is better to try a different model.



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