What is industrial design? And the most unusual representatives.


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What is industrial design? And the most unusual representatives.

In recent years, the manufacturers ceased to produce something really beautiful by choosing the path of unification, and fear to do something wrong. The cause is often cowardly “additively” or at least the cowardly leaders who are afraid to stand out. steel the same , though different, but not as much as planes, even the specialist is not always able to distinguish from each other. That fantasy there is, perhaps, only in clothing and furniture. But it is not all so smoothly. Let us remember what “designer rock-n-roll” was created by designers in the past.

What is industrial design

At the beginning give a little background and offer to talk about what is “industrial design”.

The Very definition of the term given the Board member of the Industrial Design tomás Maldonado in 1969. At the moment, this definition is considered the most complete description of the concept.

Industrial design is a creative activity whose aim is to improve the appearance of the dignity of objects produced in industry — said at the time, Thomas Maldonado.

Many, remembering the works of the sixties and seventies of the last century, I consider their Golden age of industrial or, as it is called industrial design. Then the producers have tried to Express themselves in their creations, and not simply to make a product that will appeal to all. Despite this approach, many decisions of that time are still considered the gold standard in their fields and is the perfect combination of beauty and convenience.

However, in design there are no clear criteria — everything is subjective. Everyone decides for themselves what is beautiful and what draws a maximum for the title of consumer goods. Let us remember those things created by man, which though could not compete on the field of unification, but forever remembered by the connoisseurs.

the Most unusual aircraft

One of the most in the history of aviation became a Beechcraft Starship, whose first flight took place in 1986. In its design, except the unusual design, reflected in the many advanced technical solutions that would be relevant to the present day. The problem is that is no longer produced and rare specimens that have been transferred to customers, is considered virtually priceless.

Beechcraft Starship

The Main feature of the aircraft is the lack of a tail and pusher turboprop engines located at a maximum distance from the salon. This solution allowed to make the cabin more comfortable and quiet.

In the absence of the tail, yaw control is performed due to the small keel at the bottom of the plane and developed wingtips. Pitch (tilt or lift the nose) at the expense of the wings in the bow.

The Design seems complex, but many aviators who were lucky enough to manage this technique, speak about it only positively, noting its high performance characteristics.

Beechcraft Starship

The Plane was not the last development of the Beechcraft. The company still exists, and the model is not widespread due to high prices. The cost of the Beechcraft Starship was $ 3.9 million dollars. For the same money you could buy a few much more fast models with a turbojet engine, and the models with the same speed was worth one million dollars cheaper. In 2003, the company announced that it is unprofitable to support small fleet of aircraft of this model, suggested owners to exchange them for other models and disposed of the ones that kept them “in stock”.

The strange train

Following the example of the industrial design that is truly unique, is an unusual train that are just not found a ready response in the hearts of operators.

If you look at the Aerotrain from the outside, it seems that he lacks the wings with which he just would fly away from this boring planet. In fact, so he showed up. It was made by the Electro-Motive Division with the application of aircraft materials. Its main task was to bring the popularity of the former railway lost on the background of the emergence of affordable air travel and personal transportation.

Aerotrain GM

Appearing in the middle of the fifties of the last century, he worked for about 10 years. At the same time, constantly moving from route to route. The main disadvantages of the train was its rigidity, slow speed and inconvenience for passengers. But the design of it was very steep. Sorry, no one took it into development. Now let's discuss , would you like to ride on this?

Most beautiful car

Due to the fact that I write articles for one of the most well-known resources in their area and have the opportunity to publicly Express their opinion, I can tell which car in my opinion is the most beautiful in history. I think many will agree with me that this is the legendary Ford GT the first generation. For all its brutal angularity, there is in it something unusual and fascinating.

Tesla is not asleep:

Ford GT40

The Second half of the last century was rich in unusual models of cars, which pleased us with his appearance. These include the Dodge Charger, the Chevrolet Corvette, the famous model Cadillac and even the legendary Audi Quattro.

Dodge Charger 1969

Audi Quattro rally

Despite worthy competitors, the Ford GT40 stands out. It was made in the 60-ies of the last century and was specifically designed for the victories at Le Mans, as opposed to the cars of Enzo Ferrari.

The Number 40 in the title was not accidental. It meant the full height of the vehicle component 40 inches (102 cm), prescribed by rules of the event.

Ford GT40 (rear view)

The Car look as unusual, combining in its design the simple lines with hidden aggressiveness, showing at a glance to recognize in her sports car.

Not long ago, the model received the update, but that's another vehicle in which no former charm. New again is similar to other modern cars. Sorry... that car blew.

the Most memorable phone

Before Steve jobs showed off the stage first, and all the manufacturers have started to copy it blindly adopting the standard in the mobile phone market was going crazy. I wanted to come up to those who draw devices such as Nokia 7600, Nokia 7610 and Nokia N-Gage, Pat them on the shoulder and asked to pour what they smoked. Other manufacturers also sometimes produced something unusual, but for Nokia, they couldn't keep up.

Ricavata Nokia 7600

Models at that time still a Finnish brand I can say not even bizarre solutions that were similar to the powder box, on the box, you do not understand what, specifically model 8110.

Not to be confused with the “banana”, who recently showed at the same time with the updated (too big word) Nokia 3310. Both devices had little in common with the originals, and therefore did not find wide popularity.

Nokia 8110

I am Now talking about the phone that Neo running from the Agents in the Matrix, Wachowski, who at that time were still brothers. The design of the device was unusual, but quite brutal. In my opinion, is a perfect combination of frills and rigor for the time. For this model Nokia is unambiguous thanks. She could resist the market and offer alternatives.

Meanwhile, technology continues to evolve.

the Most difficult boat

In the movies about the rich second half of the last century repeatedly flashed strange boats that were similar to normal, but due to finishing lacquered wood looked very strange.

Variants of these boats were many, but the most widespread they received in Venice. Also they can be found on the azure coast of France and on the port of Monaco, but they were significantly lower.

In my opinion, this combination of materials and simple shapes is a good combination of functionality of a conventional boat and luxury, which can afford a maximum of a rich man.

These boats can still be found on the narrow canals of this Italian city, but the old models did not look as good as new almost made. Sorry…

Who is the best designer?

Who draws better design of items? The one who does it now, or the one who put your pencil to the above-described objects and vehicles? There is no single answer. On the one hand, led to the averaging of all that surrounds us. On the other hand, then the world was more varied and interesting. Although perhaps it's just nostalgia and the desire to love what is already there.

The appearance of any device or object — the concept is the most subjective. Someone likes one, to someone else. That is why I do not insist on a categorical statement of my opinion. You may not agree with me, but I gathered some of the most beautiful in my opinion of things and decided to share this collection.

Do you think that when the designers were working more courageously? Then or now?


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