How to strengthen a cell phone signal in a country house or cottage


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How to strengthen a cell phone signal in a country house or cottage

In modern life is hard to imagine myself without any of the advantages of mobile communication and wireless Internet, especially outside the city. To lose the ability to communicate is not desirable, sometimes you got to work (and play, of course). But when I try to explore this issue in the Internet, we are faced with a large number of different proposals. In this article we will attempt to briefly investigate and understand how to secure communication even in remote places.

Enhancing cellular communication is of two types:

  1. 3G/4G router, which catches the antenna signal and distributes inside the room Wi-Fi
  2. the
  3. using the repeater — he directly into the room amplifies GSM signals, 3G, 4G.

Gain 3G/4G Internet signal

This option is suitable for those who have a lot of Internet users, or a signal from the base station is so bad that even on the street in front of the house no way of getting 3G/4G signal.

Before moving on to other options for strengthening, it is important to note that if you find it hard to make the measurements and adjustment of the equipment, to help solve the problem of companies that are professionally engaged in — for example, MobileBooster.


connection options: antenna + 4G modem + router

Consider the amplification circuit of the mobile Internet from an antenna, modem and router:

The Scheme works is very simple, let's describe it step by step:

  1. 3G/4G signal from the base station of the cellular operator is captured by the antenna, which is located on the facade or the roof of the house;
  2. The Signal is transmitted by cable to the modem, which is inserted in the router; the

  3. the Router distributes the Internet via LAN cable and Wi-Fi N, the number of subscribers.

Antenna with built-in router

The Inside of the case antenna is embedded 4G modem, sometimes together with a router. The purpose of these solutions is to avoid losses in coaxial cable increase the cable length from the antenna to the point of connection and simplify installation cable because it is more flexible.

The flip side of this coin — all modems and routers on the passport is designed to work in temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Because such solutions do not live more than two years, and a considerable number of cases «die» in the first winter. Also in recent time, the market began to appear reliable solutions with integrated 4G routers. For example, is quite expensive Zyxel LTE7460-M608 or model RF-Link and RF R832-Link R850.

By the Way! A few words about the solution that is presented in the picture below. He's almost there. If you your modem or router will deliver on the windowsill on the second floor, where the signal level is usually better, the result is clearly no worse, and in some cases even better.


selecting a mobile operator for 3G/4G Internet

To select a cellular carrier is a convenient service — : Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, Yota, Tele2, Skylink. You will be able to easily identify the presence of a 3G/4G network in the right place. The information is current and updated automatically.


Gain GSM/3G/4G with a repeater

This option of strengthening is necessary for those who have problems with Internet and voice communication, that is, we have to run to the second floor or the street to make a regular phone call.

A Repeater is an intermediate between the external antenna directed at base station of cellular operators, and internal antennas that emit a signal to user devices such as smartphone, tablet, modem, router and others.


Amps to give

By the amps to give no special requirements. This is usually a one - or two-band repeaters on low power. It is recommended to select with the help of a program that will show the frequency of the frequency range in your area. The frequency is acute, since mobile operators are working in all 5 frequency bands, and to buy the amplifier 5 frequency — quite expensive and unprofitable pleasure.

Because you have to spend 5-10 minutes of your life and to use the program — for example, it is possible to download the program . Immediately when you start in the upper left corner you can see the frequency in MHz.

If you have a family use SIM cards from different operators will probably need a dual-band repeater. For example, the repeater with frequency 1800 + 2100 MHz can enhance the three communication standard – GSM, 3G, 4G.


Amplifiers for houses

The Main problem — time to lay cable route under construction to the final finishing, and in 95% of cases this is not no advance worries. You have to install the amplification system of mobile communication is already finished, the doors and into the vents to run cables and place a hidden antenna.

When calculating the coverage area internal antennas coverage area is laid on the order of 100-150 sq. m., provided that, in the next room there is a doorway. Reinforced concrete practically does not break the signal, so each floor should be displayed at least one internal antenna.

According to statistics, when a fine finish is most often the cable from the external antenna down to the boiler room where the repeater. And then an internal antenna equipped inside the boiler or put on the wall beyond it, to expand the coverage area, as the walls absorb much of the signal power. Thus, it is necessary to use amplifiers of high power, so as to maximize the coverage inside the building.

Also a popular option for installing the main equipment — in the attic. The cable to the inside antenna is laid on the facade — such as gutters or for ventilation. An example of suchsolutions:

There Are cases when it is possible to use a coaxial cable television network to connect the internal antennas in the rooms where it is necessary to strengthen cellular communication. Although television cables another wave impedance, in practice this still gives a positive result.


fixed problem installing

When you install repeaters one of the highlights is the spatial separation of the external and internal antennas to avoid the "loopback" signal, in which the system will cease to function. Further, the diagram will show the correct and wrong installation:





To strengthen Internet signal through a router special skills are not necessary — simple enough. In most cases any measurements of the frequencies do not need enough to know that somewhere nearby on the street, there is a weak 3G/4G signal, or to see its availability for the coverage map. Another strong recommendation — to hang the antenna as high as possible – this greatly affects the speed of the Internet.

To strengthen the voice and the Internet using repeater in the country, it is necessary to make measurements of frequencies. Nothing complicated, but a little time will have. Otherwise you risk to get a negative effect. Listen to sellers online stores is not: it is still that guesses. The installation of the repeaters in the cottage is recommended to trust the professionals, or at least ask them to help with the selection of equipment.


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