What if a vaccine against coronavirus never invented?


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What if a vaccine against coronavirus never invented?

At the beginning of may in several countries, including Spain, Serbia, Portugal and Belgium it is planned to remove certain restrictive measures in pandemic COVID-19. This became possible thanks to non-pharmacological intervention – quarantine, social distancing, hand washing and personal protective equipment. However, in who believe that the situation with coronavirus in the world is still hard. At the same time, the more time that passes since the beginning of the pandemic, the more the world is waiting for the vaccine, on which today employs scientists all over the planet. However, the most optimistic projections, the vaccine will appear not earlier than 2021. But what do we do all this time? And more importantly, what if the vaccine did not appear?

How to live with coronavirus

Let's imagine what would happen if in anticipation of the vaccine society will learn to live with constantly circulating around the planet infection the city will be slow to open, some freedoms will be returned, but the restrictions can enter again if you fail to comply with the recommendations of the experts. Writes , testing for coronavirus and contact tracing of infected people will become a part of our lives very soon.

Are Likely to be developed blockers of the coronavirus, but at the same time, outbreaks can occur each year, and the global death toll will continue to rise. About these developments really do not like to talk politics, though many experts perceive this possibility seriously. Want to always be aware of the development of the situation with the new coronavirus? Subscribe to not miss anything interesting.

As suggested by a Professor of public health at Imperial College London David Nabarro, we can't be hundred percent sure that the vaccine actually show up. And if there are, then how to know if she would pass all the tests of efficiency and safety? We must not forget that on the planet a huge number of viruses against which there is no vaccine. Let me remind you, on an industrial scale is 12 to 18 months, which, according to experts, is extremely risky.

It is imperative that all companies around the world were able to protect yourself from coronavirus as a constant threat. You must learn how to engage in social life and economic activity is constantly present in the environment of the virus.

Professor David Nabarro.

Coronavirus forever

Some experts suggest to look at the experience with HIV/AIDS when using antiviral drugs managed to make a chronic disease – but just 40 years ago it was a death sentence. Innovative development of daily preventative tablets – took place prophylaxis, or PrEP – has led to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people at risk of HIV infection do not get sick.

it looks like the streets of the Indian city of Hyderabad,

Today, in many countries tested existing antiviral drugs, including the pilot , which I was told recently. Also study the efficiency of treatment of infected COVID-19 blood plasma of recovered patients. But how effective treatment is currently unknown and requires further research. Most importantly, any treatment will not prevent outbreaks occur in the community – this means that the coronavirus will be easier to cope the pandemic will subside, but the disease can remain with us for a long time. But what will life be like with the coronavirus?

It is Important to understand that if the vaccine does not invent, life will not be the same as now. But just take to return to normal life will not work. This means that as countries will be released from quarantine, the experts will push the government to the introduction of a new uncomfortable lifestyle, to buy time – months, years or even decades while COVID-19 will not be eliminated with a vaccine.

Police in protective masks on the streets of Moscow

This also means that the habit of going postojannyj to work is finally over. Experts also predict that our attitude towards remote working will change forever and many will continue to work from home at least a few days a week. Also, experts believe that in the short term, it is necessary to strengthen the health system, including contact tracing of infected people, diagnosis in the workplace, monitoring of symptoms and early manifestations of the disease. All of these measures, as experts believe, will help to understand the need for isolation and quarantine measures. It's doable, but difficult. And no one had ever done anything like this.

what do you think, will we be able to invent a vaccine and what to do if not? Let's discuss our possible future in the comments and members

herd immunity

The more time passes, the more weighty becomes a hotly debated term, herd immunity. It is possible to find, after about 70-90% of the population have been ill and become immune to infection. To some extent, this really limits the propagation of a coronavirus, although it is best to achieve immunity to a vaccine. Read more about why vaccination is good .

Measles is a perfect example. In the past every year she was sick from 2 to 3million people, and coronavirus can all be also. In other words, the number of deaths and suffering from COVID-19 is huge, even if most of the population will not be susceptible to coronavirus. All these predictions are constrained by a common faith that ultimately a vaccine will be developed.

Imagine a world in which failed to invent a vaccine against COVID-19


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