Can the story of a parallel Universe from NASA to be a mistake?


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Can the story of a parallel Universe from NASA to be a mistake?

Recently we talked about the amazing discovery by researchers from NASA that they might have been able to discover a parallel universe in which time runs backwards. In fact, the world media headlines were filled with news about the unusual discovery scientists, however, these headlines greatly exaggerate the truth. The truth is much less exciting: the researchers found evidence of the existence of fundamental particles that defy our understanding of physics. But to know for sure whether this is so, more research is needed. Thus, the idea of the existence of an unusual parallel universe is only one of many, because in her favor there is no conclusive evidence. Warn them that it may be for particles.

Neutrinos – evidence of the existence of a parallel Universe?

A Great many articles that fill the Internet and to which we have referred appears to be also based on the publication in the headlines about the possible discovery of a parallel universe. The article is beautifully written and makes you think about the results of research on cosmic rays, held in Antarctica.

Recall that in the original article, the journalist in New Scientist interviewed a researcher named Peter Gorham, who works at NASA. The results of a six-year mission Anita in the journal Physics. In the course of work, scientists watched the balloon, equipped with a set of antennas, which has scanned more than a million square kilometres of frozen landscape of Antarctica in search of signs of high-energy particles arriving from space. After the first flight, researchers have found nothing but background noise. In a year's time the situation repeated itself.

To double-check the data obtained during the third run, the scientists re-examined the last recorded time signals, especially noise. It later turned out that one of the signals – this is the signature of high-energy particles – neutrinos.

still from the film «Avengers: finale»

What are the explanations?

Received the data writes , found evidence that high-energy particle – the ghostly neutrino – rise from the Ground without any source in 2016, the second time it happened in 2018. A single explanation for this yet. That's why in the recent accompanying research work on this subject, said: «it is necessary to consider other explanations for anomalous signals. Perhaps we should pay attention to «exotic physics» the theory of a parallel Universe». But what else explain the strange behaviour of neutrinos exist?

You might be surprised, but the results can be an ordinary mistake. It is important to understand that science is not infallible, on the contrary, it is exactly what works – some scientists are searching for evidence, others try to refute them. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the story that happened in 2019, and of which we also told you. We are talking about the discovery of a black hole, which should not exist and which, as it later turned out . But yeah, agree!

When the data was obtained Anita, the main hypotheses were astrophysical explanation (e.g., neutrinos) and systematic error, as well as physics beyond the Standard model.

Our universe is full of mysteries. It is a pity that human life is short and all the mysteries of the universe we're not meant to know

The Error is always possible, especially when the study is something unexpected. Anyway, the scientists plan to conduct even more experiments, before receiving the final data. According to lead author of a scientific work, although it was an exciting time for physicists trying to explain these events, it seems, will have to wait for the next generation of experiments.

What is certain?

NASA Experiment in Antarctica showed evidence of the existence of ghostly particles that defy our current understanding of physics. But it is possible that these findings are the result of an error. And yet, in fairness, I note that some experts are seriously considering . What do you think, what is the meaning of the obtained results – the error or scientists have discovered the source of neutrinos? Share your response in the comments to this article and join the participants – we never get bored!

it is possible that our universe is one of the many parallel universes


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