What is dangerous high blood pressure and how to decrease it?


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What is dangerous high blood pressure and how to decrease it?

Headache may indicate high blood pressure

Probably every person heard it from one of their relatives that they have "jumped the pressure." For high blood pressure in humans, headache, dizziness occurs, noise in the ears and other unpleasant symptoms. This is no joke — so-called hypertension considered a silent killer because sooner or later it can cause a stroke or other dangerous heart diseases. That is what it is all about — high blood pressure? How exactly can it detect and is it possible to lower, to reduce the harm to the body? Doctors have long had answers to these questions, so we can only read and heed.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is considered to be in the format of two numbers — for example, if you have 120/80, then all is well. The first number represents how much in millimeters of mercury blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels during each heartbeat. The second number indicates the pressure exerted on blood vessels during heart relaxation between beats. Vessels can stretch, but at a very high pressure on their walls they can burst. This can lead to problems in the internal organs, including vital.

Blood vessels elastic, it is kinda weak

Once upon a time the pressure was considered high when the reading was 140/90. But in the modern world on human health need to pay more attention, so that threat indicators are considered to be 140/90 and higher. To learn precisely, high blood pressure, normal or low — buy a blood pressure monitor. It is used by doctors to measure blood pressure and is sold in almost any pharmacy.

Want to measure your blood pressure: Buy a blood pressure monitor!

If you suffer from headaches, and believe that you have high blood pressure — seek immediate medical advice. Only he can give the right treatment and help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. But if you go to the doctor for some reason is not possible, follow these tips.

How to lower blood pressure?

At elevated pressure, try to breathe as deeply as possible. It is believed that this will allow the body to get rid of stress, which often is the cause of high blood pressure. Deep breathing helps the blood to reach all tissues of the body, whereby the pressure on the walls can be reduced significantly. As a result, the blood pressure will decrease as the risk of other problems.

Also at high pressure, it is recommended to immerse the hands or feet in a bath of hot water. We are not talking about boiling water, so if the water temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, everything is fine. A hot bath helps because dilates blood vessels. A dilated vessels the blood can not so much pressure as to narrow. As a result, the unpleasant symptoms should disappear quickly.

what drinks help high blood pressure written below

This may sound contradictory, but high pressure can also save cold water. If you hold your hands under running cold but not ice water, heart rate should be significantly reduced, and wellbeing is to improve.

It is Also said that from the high pressure well help warm the tea with mint and Valerian. The cooled mint tea contains substances which can reduce the pressure on the blood vessels. And Valerian just relieves stress, which, as we said, produces an increase in pressure.

For the prevention of hypertension is recommended to exercise regularly to maintain optimal weight and adhere to a healthy diet. Also doctors advise to limit the amount of alcohol consumed and quitting Smoking.


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