Why salt is a flavor enhancer and how it changes meals


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Why salt is a flavor enhancer and how it changes meals

Many people think that salt is just white sand, which makes the taste a little more interesting. On the other hand, if you overdo it, salt makes the taste of any dish is the same. About it said a lot of words, but is it a flavor enhancer, for example, the same as monosodium glutamate, which is a household name among the flavor enhancers? The answer to this question is not so clear and can not immediately confirm or deny it. But we can say that salt is a good preservative and moderate consumption helps to improve the condition.

Can salt to enhance the flavor

I'm Sure you've heard, and personally experienced with sweet dishes, which is salt. Far beyond the examples do not have to walk — salted caramel and chocolate with sea salt. Even in the more serious dishes professional cooks throw a pinch of salt. However, it is not always added in order to make the taste extraordinary. Sometimes this is a very clear meaning.

This is Done due to the fact that salt not only gives the dish a salty taste (in language even has separate receptors for recognition), but also enhances the primary flavor of the dish. However, she does it very selectively.

For Example, the taste of the dish as a whole becomes more intense. Sweet taste highlighted, and bitter, on the contrary, is flattened. Also smoothed and a metallic taste. That is, the taste becomes, so to say, more flat. No sharp flavors, but in General, more intense.

How salt changes the taste of food

People have even learned to use properties of salt in cooking. For example, coffee lovers are added to your drink with a bit of salt. In the end, the drink becomes less bitter. I'm a big difference is not felt, but the foodie part of coffee I can not be called. Not so long ago we discussed the topic of coffee and a couple of people have told me a lot about how to cook it tastier. Here there is about salt nothing. Maybe it's just an urban legend.

coffee with salt?

Chemists even made his proof of how salt works in the dish, e.g. soup. Without going into unnecessary details, you can just say that everything happens on the ionic level. Negative ions of salt dissolved in the liquid, are trying to attract . As a result, the relationship of water molecules with odorous substances weakens and we get a more strong flavor, for example, the same soup.

Since salt enhances some flavors, you can compensate for its shortage. For example, if a person shows a salt-free diet, he just needs to increase the amount of other spices in the food. Conversely, if you can't eat something else, but you can salt to enhance the taste with salt.

Why salt is added iodine

More about why salt soderut (saturated with iodine), . If you wonder why, why, when it all started and gives the result, read this article. I now only tangentially address the question, to dispel another myth.

Iodine in salt has a very important mission.

There are people who think that salt lodiroad in order to add more taste. This is a mistake. The taste did not change as the dosage is so minimal that it is simply impossible to feel. The addition of iodine is needed in order to compensate for its deficiency among the population. Salt is the only product that everyone eats, but only a little. To overeat it, like sugar, is impossible. So it is very easy to dose.

Differs between the salt in the shops

This is a topic of a lot of arguments where you can give expert opinions and a long talk about different varieties of salt and what kind of taste she has. All answer this question differently, but if a lot of opinions, it can be assumed that there is no difference.

I am inclined to this position and notice that it is just loose salt and salt in crystals, which is used for frying steaks. And then, she tastes the same, just the crystals otherwise felt taste buds. They don't envelop all the receptors at once, creating a sense of saltiness in your mouth, and leverage point in those places, which relate to language. Hence .

Different salts a lot, but if it is just salt with no additives, it will be a good choice.

All other types of salt do not differ and are net marketing. Of course, this does not apply to salts with additives of herbs, pepper and other spices. Iodized salt also still stands, but soon it all will be such.

do I Need to eat salt

Surely you remember the old joke where the waiter replied: ”I'm a doctor or something? How do I know if you a coffee?”. And here. A simple answer to the question of whether there is salt a particular person can only doctor.

For a healthy person (and other living creatures) salt is considered useful. Of course,when it comes to moderation. They, too, are selected for each person individually. On the other hand, argued that if the body needs salt, he asked her.

In any case, everything should be in moderation, and do not think that it is not podsalivaya meals, you don't get salt. It is almost everywhere. In the finished dishes, and especially in the semis and senecah. So be careful with them.

the Salt is not only tasty, but also useful.


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