Like science fiction and "Star trek" influenced Jeff Bezos


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Like science fiction and

Jeff Bezos is a longtime fan and admirer of science fiction. In childhood, the founder of Amazon spent the summer, reading Asimov and Heinlein. And he's also a hardcore fan of the series "". This was told by Christian Davenport, who spoke to Betacom.

"He named his dog Kamala after one of the characters, and one of its holding companies is Zefram LLC, named after a character in star Trek, who created warp drive. He even starred in a cameo in one of the films "Star trek".


is inspired by What Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Science fiction also played a role in creating the Blue Origin rocket company, which Bezos founded in 2000. The year before Bezos saw the movie "October sky", about NASA engineer Homer Hickam, from a science fiction writer Neil Stephenson. After that, they discussed the film.

"Jeff told Neal Stephenson: I always wanted to found a rocket company, it was always my dream," says Davenport. "And Neal Stephenson replied: do it. Do it today." Shortly after this all happened.

Despite his tight schedule, Bezos still finds time to read a new science-fiction from such authors as Alastair Reynolds, Ernest Cline, and Andy Weir. "I have a feeling that it's important to him, it somehow nourishes his mind," says Davenport. "So he was definitely trying not to be left behind."

Bezos also began to acquire more science fiction for streaming Amazon. The novels of Iain banks, Larry Niven and Neal Stephenson are in the development stage, and last spring, Amazon saved the "Space" after Syfy cancelled it.

"Jeff doesn't just want to succeed in space to make reusable rockets, but also to revive interest in the space," says Davenport. "And I thought that the preservation of The Expanse was a perfect way to do it."

"What I've noticed, says Davenport, is that the investment community is becoming more interested in space. I think early space investors were space fans, they were enthusiastic, they were more interested in the dream than return on investment. But now we see, as it includes more players. Google and Fidelity have invested a billion dollars in SpaceX. Companies like Morgan Stanley started talking about it. Previously, they said that "the fastest way to become a millionaire in space is to start a billionaire," but today, I think people are beginning to believe that the space can really earn money."

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