#Opinion: we will Soon stop buying new smartphones. Why?


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#Opinion: we will Soon stop buying new smartphones. Why?

How often do you go to the electronics store or shopping online a new smartphone? Probably once a year or two (or even more if financial situation allows). Therefore, the manufacturers of smartphones release a serious upgrade their devices every two years — to completely abandon the release of new models a year, they can not, therefore, produce an "intermediate" device. But how long will it last?

What is diffusion of innovation

In 1983, the sociologist Everett Rogers proposed their model describe the "diffusion of innovations" — the process of diffusion of new technologies among a wide range of consumers. In their study, Rogers used an S-shaped curve of diffusion of innovation which shows the dependence of the distribution of a product from the individual predisposition of the buyer to accept innovations. This scientist has identified five groups of consumers: innovators, early adopters, earlier majority, late majority and latecomers.

The Idea is that through various contacts between consumers distribution of product occurs as quickly as possible. First, the group of innovators (2.5% of the population) began to promote a particular technology, connecting to the process early followers (13,5 %). After some time, recognize innovation early majority (34 %) and late majority (34 %). In the end, the so-called latecomers (in other words, the conservatives, 16% of the population), is also changing its attitude to the new product and begin to use it.

What will become of the smartphone market

If you compare the model of Rogers with the modern smartphone market, it is possible to make an important discovery. Surprisingly, the mobile phone market is not only fully obeys proposed in 1983 the scheme, but is now at the stage of introduction to the group "conservatives". In the US, the prevalence of smartphones is already above 80 %, the situation is similar in the five largest European smartphone markets.

If consumers will adapt at the same rate, in 2020 the markets of smartphones will face a slowdown in the diffusion of new technologies by reducing those "latecomers". And by 2025 will be a glut in the market or 100% smartphone penetration.

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With regard to the distribution of separate platforms, here are all the more interesting. The leaders at the moment are iOS and Android, and among the outsiders seen Microsoft and Nokia. Experts can predict the situation on the smartphone market, but to predict the behavior of the technological Corporation they are not. Modern IT giants have become too unpredictable.

no One will buy new phones?

Through the comparison of modern data with the model of Rogers, we can trace how the announcement of a product affects the overall level of adaptation of consumers.

You probably noticed that before buying a new phone gave a wow effect, you have experienced different emotions. Now the manufacturers change the maximum number of megapixels, and the processor name, but there is no such thing as push-button phones: a different form, keyboard, and so on. Hence the lack of interest and emotion, and just do not feel that this is something new.

With this agrees the owner of the media group i10.ru Mikhail Korolev:

Often people just say "my iPhone" and all. I had an iPhone XS, and now use the iPhone 7, and somehow I do not feel much of a difference. Yes, pictures in the dark is worse, but no more. Better to travel to go for difference in price.

What will happen after the oversaturation of the market? I guess the manufacturers smartfonov won't poach your competitors ' customers, and focus on your own consumers. And perhaps we stop chasing trends and become to upgrade their smartphones much less (what do you think? Tell ). The same Apple already working on this tactic, and it .



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