Google and Apple together prepare an application to fight coronavirus


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Google and Apple together prepare an application to fight coronavirus

Now to combat the coronavirus, which is raging on the planet, is thrown. All that seemed important until this nonsense has faded into the background. The virus affects all, not just patients. It is the economy, freedom of movement, travel, entertainment and other aspects of life to which we are accustomed. To combat with traditional methods becomes more difficult. In the first place the complexity associated with the peculiarities of informing people. They could meet with a carrier of the virus, being infected, and, suspecting nothing, for two weeks to continue to infect others. Especially if the disease is asymptomatic. In order to deal with these cases, Apple has teamed up with and together they worked to develop a joint application. But if it will help in the fight against COVID-19?

Apple and Google teamed up against coronavirus

The Official app, designed to help in confronting the coronavirus infection, at the moment only one. It was created by the world health organization in collaboration with enthusiasts from around the world and will be available on iOS and Android in the coming days or weeks. Its main function is to help in identifying symptoms. In addition, it contains information on how to reduce the risk of infection and where to go if reduce the risk of late.

The App, which develop Apple and Google, will work on Bluetooth Low Energy technology and will be able to fix the device all users who had contact with each other. So it is possible not only to fix the contact of healthy and infected humans, but to track their further contacts in order to warn the people in danger. This will help them time to turn to the experts to confirm or refute concerns.

Sitting, drinking coffee and on you…

Data will be collected constantly and not just among your acquaintances, but even among those people whom you just met on the street. If you get close enough to each other and the system will know that she will be wary. For your security, it will notify all the people you could potentially infect.

For only one thing. She will need from the user. It should be noted in the application that is infected. After that, everything will work itself out. But how to force users to be more open? Perhaps the guarantor will speak the names of Apple and Google. Little, who will entrust information to third-party services or government agencies. And these guys, like you.

All data will be collected in automatic mode, and server will be transferred to not user names, and their identifiers. They did not will be compared among themselves. In addition, the data will still be very securely encrypted. So it will be possible to avoid the spying on users and leaking their personal data. Even if they leak and are decrypted (which is unlikely), no one will know that ID hiding is you. This is important from the standpoint of gaining the trust of users. Plus no one can understand from whom he contracted. Privacy will be complete.

How does the Bluetooth Low Energy technology

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology is selected for the application, not accidental. It has minimal energy consumption and may even when you turn off the smartphone almost months to send messages to other devices nearby.

For example, you can find your lost or iPhone the Locator application, even if the unit is turned off. If the iPhone off and took out SIM card, to go online he can't, but on the iPhone, which has been around. He himself will send the message to the server, saying the disappearance was found. All this is done automatically and the owner of the mobile-the Saviour will not even notice that you helped someone find an expensive gadget.

In addition, unlike GPS, the Bluetooth Low Energy technology makes it very good to record the movement and contacts of people. That is, inside a large shopping Mall, subway car or living at home GPS will not work, and Bluetooth Low Energy, on the contrary, is a very effective — it is enough proximity of one device to another.

Fake applications to combat coronavirus

Once again let me remind you that at the moment there is only one official application associated with the coronavirus. This is the official app of the world health organization. More apps that can be trusted, not yet.

Only original applications will make such qualitative statements.

All other applications created on the wave of interest in coronavirus and in the best case, someone just trying to PR on acute topic. There are . Theyplease give access to geolocation, ostensibly to show nearby patients. But to do that they can't just steal your data. Be careful and do not install such applications.

Can Apple to work with Google

I Must give credit to Apple and Google. In ordinary life, and is divided between a modern market communications. But, when trouble came a global scale, they have joined forces and temporarily reconciled, like the lion and antelope at the watering hole. In the end, now they are working together on the app, which is tentatively due to be released may of this year and very much to help in the fight against the pandemic. Given that almost all smartphones, with rare exceptions, work for iOS or Android, such cooperation becomes even more important. The only question is what to do with smartphones and the Huawei Honor, most of which is devoid of Google?

Personally to me the situation now resembles the relationship of Steve jobs and Bill gates who are very much competing on the PC market, but respectful to each other and sometimes even worked on complex issues, though not of such magnitude as now.

These companies can change a lot.


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