Can genes create the perfect diet for you?


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Can genes create the perfect diet for you?

Diet on genotype can be a way out for many, but it still has a lot of questions

Don't know what to do to lose weight? DNA tests promise to help you with this. They will be able to develop the most individual diet, because for this they will use the most "personal" from you: your genes. The idea is that the genes of each person are unique, so to achieve optimal weight and level of health, everyone must have their own individual set of nutritional requirements. And in recent years, dieting using DNA tests has become more popular, especially in the United States, where obesity is more acute than ever in 2020.

Proponents of such diets argue that the analysis provided by DNA tests offers a new perspective on human nutrition.

We can pick up shoes for each person and choose clothes based on human parameters, and now we offer to do the same with nutrition, says Sherri Chang, CEO of GenoPalate,a company producing DNA testing kits.

The company says it allows you to "discover the most useful products based on your genes."

Diet by genotype

Scientists generally agree that each person's genes contain a small number of variations that affect how their body absorbs nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Critics believe that the importance of genes is exaggerated, and nutrition has more effect on blood pressure, and other parameters.

Now anyone can buy a DNA test and get a list of the best foods for themselves according to their genetic makeup. Some companies also offer customized fitness, skin care and prescription recommendations. Such companies are also in Russia, the average cost of such a test varies from 7 to 12 thousand rubles.

Diets by genotype are becoming more popular

How does it work? For example, people with one type of APOC3gene that affects the processing of triglycerides (fat in the blood) can be advised to follow a low-fat diet. One variation of this gene is associated with elevated cholesterol levels. On the other hand, each person should limit the consumption of saturated fats, regardless of whether the genes "tell" him about it or not.

Diet reviews for genetic analysis

Human genome studies have not shownthat genes can 100% determine the right diet. For example, a study conducted at King's College London analyzed the food intake of 110 pairs of identical twins. It found that participants reacted differently to food depending on its composition, meal time, despite the same genotype.

The effect of genes on the correct diet has not yet been proven

Many companies that deal with nutrigenometry post research on their websites to support their claims. Frequently cited studies usually confirm a link between certain gene variants and how they may influence a person's response to a low-fat diet or a high-protein diet. But it is unclear to what extent genetic differences affect the SAMU diet. Another problem is that there are very few clinical trials that actually measure the effectiveness of DNA-based diets compared to other approaches.

But for many people, most of the "personalized" recommendations from companies that offer genotype diets are just things we hear over and over again: limit carbohydrates, increase fiber, and reduce sodium intake. Often, DNA diet plans are targeted at people interested in weight loss and body mass index. But of course, weight loss doesn't always mean better health.

Most of the advice of these diets comes down to the fact that you need to eat properly. But that's what we know.

It's just that people who are overweight find it hard to resist the temptation of individual diet advice. People also equated "health" and "well-being" with "weight loss."

But the connection between this is very small.

Each person has their own nutritional requirements from the body to maintain health, as well as a unique set of genes. Many diets will suit you or will keep you alive. But that doesn't mean they'll all be good in the long run. The ideal diet should not only keep you alive, but also help you develop. It should give the maximum possible nutrient intake,to make your body as healthy as possible.


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