Can machines be conscious?


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Can machines be conscious?

Although neuroscientists have made amazing progress, the origin of consciousness in humans and its nature and processes still remain largely unknown; the basic physiological mechanisms that make creatures conscious, is still not entirely clear. However, thanks to advances in brain mapping and neurobiology, we may be much closer to the final understanding of the fundamentals of human consciousness than ever before.

Saying that we cannot create what is not understanding. Although the very nature of human consciousness is difficult to understand, we are trying to create a conscious computer mind with a computer chip (neuromorphic chips). It is clear that growing concern and questions about the construction of consciousness with the use of neuromorphic chips — how to create them, when we do not understand the nature of human consciousness.


Intelligent machines

Today, we might imagine the human brain as a functional computer and compare it with functional computer systems/machines. Many years later we wondered: to what extent machines are aware of their internal and external environment? If the computer system/machine aware? Are there machines with consciousness? The answer to these questions, perhaps raises new questions, because to compare the functional machines of consciousness in functional people harder than expected.

Consciousness in machines is generally understood as the understanding of a situation or fact. It is believed that the properties of consciousness is not biological — they are functional. The relationship between input, output and state of the computer system (machine) causal connected with the state of the machine. It is this functionality, the ability to know about its internal working and external environment, makes the machine functional, intelligent, aware and conscious.

Although the definition itself is not self-awareness is an evaluation process that includes the skills of collecting and processing data. Today, consciousness in machines can be seen as awareness of their existence and the surrounding world: awareness of perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts, memories and so on. Perhaps we can say that the machines are aware of their condition.


Machine of awareness

Scientists at Columbia University claim to have created a robotic arm that can create the image yourself from scratch, making a step towards consciousness. Let's evaluate the current reality. Each PC/machine connected to the Internet, have identification in the form of an IP address, as well as for us humans, there is a home address and a numeric address. The fact that every machine knows about its ecosystem, IP address, location and so forth, indicates some awareness about my own situation. Thanks to the knowledge about the location, time, temperature, weather, and the rest of the computers/machines get information about their environment. Developing voice assistants like Siri and Google Alexa can maintain simple conversations with people. The answers that we demand of them, are issued in reasonable shape. This may suggests that machines/computers camooweal and functional.

As people should be aware of their emotions and behavior, and the machine must be aware of their behavior. Since consciousness is awareness of external and internal environment, and because computers aware of their environment, self-knowing is the recognition of consciousness. Because the not-knowing requires a biological origin, modern machines can be described as samosvalnye.

Moreover, consciousness is the ability to think and self-knowing — knowing what we think. Computers and machines memory is better than humans because we humans do not remember all, neither action nor meetings. This brings us to an important point: because the machines are in the best position for data collection and analysis, as well as processing power and memory, can machines think better than humans?


Thinking machines

Here we come to an important point: think of the car? Or they just use the characters that you don't understand? If the machines understand what they are doing and what tasks are performed, can it be called thinking? The answer to these questions depends entirely on how we understand thinking, self-knowing and consciousness in machines. However, since there is no Central agreed definition of consciousness, human or machine, perhaps it is time to start to discuss and agree on this definition in order to understand and evaluate the basis of consciousness.


Machine consciousness

How should we define and understand consciousness in machines? Whether to understand it and to put next to a human? Because the Central definition of consciousness does not exist. Although neuroscience considers that the human consciousness is produced by the interaction of different parts of the brain, in addition to functionality similar to the structural interaction of machinery parts of same can be considered as the consciousness of machines.

  • And we need to answer important questions:
  • What is the most important region of consciousness in machines?

    What are the mechanisms of consciousness in machines?

    What is the function of machine consciousness? the

  • How to measure consciousness in machines?
  • What are the mechanisms through which consciousness is manifested in machines? the

  • Under what conditions the machine can be described as conscious?
  • the
  • Because the machines have a kind of-knowing and self-knowing does not require biologicalorigin, can we say that modern machines are more self-aware than people?

Offer to discuss these issues in the Telegram.


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