Scientists caught the next signal from space, but now he regularly repeated


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Scientists caught the next signal from space, but now he regularly repeated

FRB — currently one of the most mysterious cosmic phenomena.

In 2007, the scientific community was reeling from the big news — scientists have caught from space a powerful signal of unknown origin. According to the researchers, some of these signals emit more energy than 500 million Suns. They last a few milliseconds and, in most cases, are not repeated. Due to the irregularity of occurrence of the signals and the rapid disappearance, scientists still can not identify their source. It is assumed that these signals are emitted by cosmic objects like distant stars and black holes, but the romance sincerely hope that it's a coded message from aliens. Perhaps in the near future we are going to answer one of the mysteries of the cosmos, because scientists have recently discovered another mysterious signal that repeats itself.

h2>Secrets of the cosmos

These cryptic already has a scientific name. In Russian literature they are referred to as "fast radio bursts", and in English — as Fast Radio Bursts or abbreviated as FRB. First, a mysterious signal was received in 2007 a group of scientists led by Professor Duncan Lorimer (Duncan Lorimer). The signal was very short and did not recur, so the detection point, where it came from, scientists took as much as 5 years. It is believed that the signal was sent from the dwarf galaxy called the Small Magellanic Cloud. Power surge has received the name of FRB 010724, but it is sometimes called in honor of Professor Lorimer — Lorimer burst.

Small Magellanic Cloud

Scientists have learned how to locate sources of signals, but to explain what the subject of their dispatches, they can't so far. Since the discovery of the first cryptic signal, scientists have recorded and other similar bursts of energy, but one of them were interested more than others. In 2012 located in Puerto Rico Arecibo radio telescope caught the next short signal, which was given the name of FRB 121102. About it for some time forgotten, but in 2016 — that's interesting, isn't it?

a Radio signal FRB 121102

The Researchers believed that the occurrence of the signals detected in 2012 source FRB 121102 has no laws. It was believed that they occur entirely at random. The first signal was detected in 2012, in 2016 he repeated — as patterns no one gave another surge can happen at absolutely any time in, say, 2025.

Signals from space

But, as it turned out, the regularity in the occurrence of signals all the same. Recently the employees located in the UK Observatory Jodrell Bank found another signal of the above-mentioned source of FRB 121102. They conducted a study and found that for some time the signals occur frequently, and then comes a long period of calm. After "leave" signals are repeated again and this cycle occurs regularly.

According to the researchers ' estimates, the period of activity of FRB 121102 lasts 90 days — this period of time FRB-signals occur repeatedly. A period of calm, in turn, lasts 67 days. One cycle takes 157 days and repeated again and again. If the researchers are correct, at the moment, the source of FRB 121102 from time to time sends signals — the cycle of activity was supposed to start June 2nd.

Another image FRB 121102

In 2020, scientists took a big step in the study of the mysterious signals. In February my colleague Daria Yelets of the signal received . He is also interested in scientists that is repeated. Judging from the results of observations for four days it flashes 1-2 times per hour. Then he calms down for 12 days. After almost two weeks of calm, the signals are repeated, followed by silence and this cycle repeats again and again.

FRB-signals captured by radio telescopes from different parts of the world.

Now scientists know from two sources that send signals have a certain frequency. The more such sources will be detected, the easier it is for scientists will be to figure out which object is sending them. Most likely, the true "scientific" explanation for the strong bursts of energy — they can come from stars, black holes and other distant objects in the vast space.

But the theory that they send aliens, questionable. If the signals came from a strict point in the sky — there were no issues. And here, the signals come from completely different sources. However, it may be, we are surrounded by dozens of intelligent alien civilizations, and they all want to contact us? Know the background of all the events in 2020 of events, even an alien invasion .


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