Computer simulation proved that the "butterfly effect" does not exist


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Computer simulation proved that the

the butterfly Effect refers to the properties of some chaotic systems

Well, science fiction fans – it's time disappointments. Remember the story of ray Bradbury «sound of thunder»? In this hunter fan named Eckels goes on expensive hunting in the Mesozoic era, but on the way back accidentally coming off the trail and stepping on a butterfly. Back in his time, the hero realizes that the death of the butterfly has resulted in a series of no controlled changes. The story of Bravery describes the so-called «the butterfly effect» – the theory that even the slightest changes can cause chaos in the future. It is believed that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in the UK can cause a tornado in the United States. Of course, the butterfly effect» fine «looks» in the theories about time travel, but the results of a study published in the journal , showed that no evidence of the butterfly effect in quantum mechanics does not exist.

how Real is time travel?

No matter How exciting didn't seem like stories about time travelers who managed to change the course of history, researchers from the University Los Alamos National laboratory, located in the state of new Mexico, USA, proved that no such thing as «the butterfly effect» for the time travelers don't exist (of course, assuming that time travel is real). As the authors of scientific work, they are at the quantum level, it failed to prove that the timeline… able to heal itself. But what can it mean?

So, imagine that you are traveling back in time and want to prevent the creation of the atomic bomb. According to «classic» plot (butterfly effect), if someone went back in time and changed the past – even the slightest detail – it would lead to irreversible changes of the timeline. Imagine how would the world be different if the atomic bomb was not invented in the twentieth century. There would be a new Oppenheimer, the Manhattan project? Could it be that during the test they failed and in a world of reign nuclear winter? Agree, pretty interesting thought experiment.

Main hero of the story «sound of thunder» goes to hunt in the Mesozoic era, but sees tyrannosaur and decides to return home.

However, analyzing the complex world of quantum physics, scientists have discovered that any potential time traveler would never have to worry about changing the past, because timeline, in fact, heal itself. In the computer simulation, some of the information was «sent back in time» where it was damaged. However, as a piece of information returned in «now», the information remained mostly unchanged, thereby proving that the timeline corrected and healed itself.

The Publication cites the words of Nikolai Sinitsyn, theoretical physicist from Los Alamos National laboratory that «the quantum computer has no problems with the simulation run of the evolutionary process in reverse.» This may seem surprising, but today, researchers can actually see what is going on with a complex quantum world, if we travel back in time, adding small changes to the timeline and back.

The Authors also found that during such travel the world remains the same, this means that in quantum mechanics there is no butterfly effect. it turns Out that Eckels could come just ten butterflies of the Mesozoic era, and peacefully return home. Even something as boring.

Computer simulation and quantum mechanics

Since such experiments cannot be reproduced in the real world (for various reasons), to create a computer simulation experts used a quantum computer, able to simulate different situations, their causes and consequences. In these experiments the unit of information is the qubits, which are «unit», «null» or mixed «superposition» both conditions. Earlier we told you that IBM introduced its first quantum computer mass production. Read more about it

the Famous physicist Stephen Hawking believed that traveling back in time is not possible

In the simulation the qubit was sent back in time where you were «measured» – it is this measure and allowed to change the information. It should be noted that in a quantum state – a quantum physics thing so complex that even the best experts agree that struggling to understand it – as soon as the quantum atom is measured, itchange it by moving from a quantum state.

In General, the authors of the new work found that the concept of chaos in classical physics and in quantum mechanics should be understood in different ways. By the way, the late Richard Feynman, who is considered one of the godfathers of quantum physics, once said: «I think I can confidently say that quantum mechanics no one understands».


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