The first space tourist SpaceX is looking for a girl to travel around the moon


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The first space tourist SpaceX is looking for a girl to travel around the moon

Yusaku of Maezawa

Founded by Elon Musk company SpaceX intends to send humans to Mars, but also to become an organizer of space travel. In September 2018 , one of the first passengers suitable for space tourism vehicle Big Falcon Rocket will become a Japanese billionaire by the name of Yusaku Maezawa. Along with a journey around the moon, he invited eight artists, whose names are still kept secret. But recently it was found that in an unusual adventure he wants to go with his girlfriend. Only here such he at the moment, so he decided to find her the TV show called Full Moon Lovers. What you need to do to become a companion to Japanese billionaire?

About finding girls for a joint adventure around the moon the billionaire declared . At the moment it is known that the filming of the show will , which has the same streaming service. What exactly will happen in the television project is unknown, but want to go into space in the role of a companion of the billionaire girls can submit their application for participation until January 17, through . During February and March of Yusaku Maezawa will meet with the participants and at the end of the show will announce its choice.

First space traveler

Of Course, the show girls have to meet certain criteria. Have only pleasant appearance will not work, because participating requires age of 20, the positive view of the world and interest in space travel. They must also have good health and be prepared for trials that will be required to go before the flight into space. In short, the future girlfriend of a billionaire will have to practice to know what are real astronauts .

And you know what else the company

Who is Yusaku of Maezawa?

If you read the biography of a Japanese billionaire, doubt that it can someone not like, quickly disappear. The man was born in Japan and after leaving school was known as a drummer , where in 1993 he released the mini-album. Subsequently he moved to USA and started to collect and sell music CDs and records. He also founded the company Zozotown clothing and in 2019 sold it to a Japanese holding company SoftBank.

Today, Yusaku maezawa of 44 years and at the moment he is known as the art collector. It is considered to be the fourteenth richest man in Japan and according to Forbes has assets worth 3.6 billion dollars. In 2016, he has spent more than $ 110 million for the purchase of paintings by American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Anyway, in his collection there are many rare kinds of wine, Japanese Antiques and other works of art.

Yusaku of Maezawa and bought a painting Jean-Michel Basquiat

And of course, he is one of the first space tourists, collaborating with SpaceX. His flight scheduled for 2023 and will last about six days. What remains to wish him luck and miss him obviously do not have, because next to him will be girlfriend and people who know firsthand about art.


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