#Video | Chinese unmanned helicopter equipped with missiles and a machine gun


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#Video | Chinese unmanned helicopter equipped with missiles and a machine gun

Chinese helicopter not available cockpit

From 17 to 21 November, Dubai hosts the exhibition Dubai Airshow, where aircraft manufacturers from different countries demonstrate their new development. One of the most interesting novelties is currently considered unmanned helicopter from the Chinese company AVIC. It is called U8EW, is fully Autonomous and capable of flying almost . According to company representatives, the aircraft will be fine to explore different territory and attack enemy targets. I think the function of intelligence very few people interested, so you should talk about the combat power of a novelty — what kind of weapon it is built?

About the peculiarities of the Chinese drone told the publication that talks about the latest news in the field of aviation and space exploration. According to the source, for aiming the helicopter is to be used mounted on the front of the housing electro-optical sensor that can detect the target and calculate how far it is. The sides are attached two guided missiles "air-land" to destroy ground water and buried objects. Also the edition reports that the device is equipped with a machine gun.

Chinese helicopter U8EW

a Chinese helicopter with a machine gun

The Video, which demonstrates the novelty, shared a Chinese TV channel CGTN. Thanks to him we also learned that the maximum weight of the aircraft at which he will be able to rise into the air, is 500 pounds. However, the load capacity is 150 kilograms. Before performing the reconnaissance, combat and rescue missions, the device can be brought to any place inside the truck. Like all other helicopters, the novelty has a system of vertical takeoff and landing. In addition, in cases of emergency the unit can give the command to return to the main base.

The Company did not disclose the cost of the drone, but it is likely that the price is much less of these helicopters. Whatever he takes, one thing is clear — sending it on risky missions instead of real pilots, the military will be able to save the lives of his people. That drone will indeed be adopted, special no doubt. And all because the company AVIC was founded in 2008 and during his rather short history has acquired more than 500 000 employees and a lot of planes and helicopters. They include fighters, transport and training aircraft.

Russian unmanned helicopters

It is Noteworthy that the development of unmanned aerial vehicles does not only this aircraft company. For example, in our country this business is busy holding "Helicopters of Russia". In 2018, its representatives about working on unmanned aerial vehicle in conjunction with the Design Bureau of industrial automatics.

At that time was made of the two weight not exceeding 500 kg and a speed at 150 kilometers per hour. It was reported that without refueling the aircraft can fly for about four hours. For transport helicopters, it was decided to use trucks KAMAZ.


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