5 ways to use used plastic without harm for environment


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5 ways to use used plastic without harm for environment

recycling plastics is one way to reduce the pollution level of the planet

Many people are seriously concerned about large-scale accumulation of plastic wastes, which are increasingly encountered in the world ocean, land, and even in the body of animals. Annually increasing the level of contamination with plastic faces , which can kill thousands of species of flora and fauna. In addition to the long decay, the plastic emits toxic substances into the environment, which affect not only the environment, but on the man himself, causing various diseases. To deal with the problem, scientists create new methods for processing and safe disposal of toxic plastic waste. At the moment experts are ready to show off the new technology, which will be discussed in this article.

Where may need the used plastic?

According to an article published on the portal , scientists working with a variety of chemical processes that are the basis of plastics processing, we are developing new ways of using discarded and recycled materials, ranging from the creation of aerogels useful to development of the fuel. The idea of turning it into fuel for aircraft at first glance does not sound very realistic. Despite this, one of the largest airlines in Europe, British Airways, already pondered the idea of building plants for processing of garbage into jet fuel with clean combustion.

Working with polyethylene structure low density, which was obtained from plastic bottles and packages, scientists have found a way to “break up” the material into small pellets the size a grain of rice. For the procedure, the researchers placed the pellets on top of the activated carbon in so-called tubular reactor, heating the plastic and carbon to a temperature of 571 degrees centigrade. The results of the experiment showed that during a procedure there was a reaction of thermal decomposition, which led to the release of hydrogen, which was previously contained in the plastic. Thus, scientists have been able to successfully turn plastic waste .

Similarly, the researchers decided to create diesel fuel for a number of vehicles. Based on the chemical process — pyrolysis, which has already been described above, the experts have created a mobile system to turn plastic into fuel substance. The resulting system is called pyrolysis reactor polusportivnogo, becoming indispensable in the transformation of plastic waste . Scientists believe that the unique properties of such a reactor will be applied in everyday life in the near future.

Polupostelnyj the pyrolysis reactor can be installed in the rear part of a ship or freight car

Along with turning plastic into useful fuel, used materials can be turned into special filters, which are costly ceramic membrane. As it turned out, can be a good alternative for the production of the necessary material that experienced been proven by a team of scientists from Saudi Arabia, which has conducted a number of experiments using common plastic bottles for water. The results of the experiment showed that the need of humanity to clean drinking water can be significantly reduced by using such new technologies.

Created membranes can be used for water filtration

One of the latest developments in the field of application of plastic waste was the creation of a useful type of aerogel, which is able to eliminate oil spills. Regular PET plastic, which is used in the manufacture of bottles, put it on a special fibre covering together the silica. After a certain chemical treatment and subsequent drying, the scientists obtained a flexible aerogel that can be used as acoustical insulation in buildings, dust fillah and even in the aftermath of the oil spill. It is known that when applying a certain composition, can absorb spilled oil is seven times more efficient than the already known materials.

Another discovery was the creation of carbon nanotubes that are used in various fields: from medicine and marine engineering to create devices to neutralize bombs. The unique invention was created with the use of conventional plastic bags and has a huge potential for application in various fields. Active development of technology, scientists were in 2013, when he conducted the study of the properties of materials in the production of carbon nanotubes. However, if earlier the experts used ethanol as a carbon source, today the use of carbon, which was separated from the vaporized , proved to be much more efficient to create carbon nanotubes.

what do you think, will mankind to cleanse the Earth of plastic pollution or at least to reduce the amount of plastic? Share your opinion on or

Let's hope that all scientists will play a predominant role in saving our planet from ecological disaster.


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