Review headphone amplifier, Beresford Capella


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Review headphone amplifier, Beresford Capella

Generally, in the environment «trusnik» audiophiles believe that music should not touch the vile handlers type equalizers and tone, and we must listen to «natural» sound (however, consensus about what sound the most natural, audiophile community and not reported). In General, a real fan of high sound amplifier, which I will tell today, anathema, twice, and, as usual, in vain. As Beresford Capella was very interesting affordable device.

The Company Beresford owes its name to the British engineer Stanley Beresford, which was developed and implemented «iron» the whole range of this brand. As the production of his piece, and the approach is very interesting and not sanctimony, for example, in Caiman DAC, used unusual methods of dealing with jitter. And booster, who became the hero of this review, and boasts a lot of unusual sound settings.

The Amplifier is designed in a very utilitarian, it is built on discrete components and produces up to 4 watts of power, enough for most headphones, no complicated quirks in the design, but the price it very affordable, or a little less than $ 200, plus shipping.



  • output power: 4 W
  • the
  • Output impedance: <0,5 Ω
  • the
  • Recommended load impedance: 25Ω — 300Ω
  • the
  • line out: 2Vrms
  • the
  • Impedance line out: >1000Ω
  • the
  • Voltage: 12V – 15V, DC
  • the
  • Dimensions: 185 mm × 55 mm × 175 mm
  • the
  • gross Weight: 1.6 kg

Packing and delivery

Box «Chapel» the most simple, plain beige cardboard with the company logo on top. Inside, securely fixed, lies with the amplifier, the power supply to it, a set of instructions and cable for «through». Rear booster is a special slot through which you can power the Beresford DAC to the same power supply that uses the amplifier. This is useful if you are using two devices in tandem.

The device is Powered by the DC voltage source from 12 to 15 volts. Can use the supplied power supply or battery, I have seen the reviews on that battery is the amp good. Since the amplifier consumes very little power, if desired, it can be powered even by solar panels (although in this case the sound can be too bright).


Design and control

Despite the budget price, well made amplifier. Compact and extremely lightweight aluminum body is equipped with high quality rubber feet, making good on the table, not threatening to fly away from sloppy movement. The build quality is on very good level, use good connectors, potentiometers, and all other elements are solid. The only slight negative — amplifier and DAC from Beresford are not the same size, so that «stack» composed of them are kind of destroying the nerves perfectionist.

Most of the nests located on the rear panel, there are input and output, RCA line input and output, and a ground terminal. The presence of a linear output allows you to use the unit as preamp.

On the front panel is placed the basic controls. To the left are the power switch and led indicator. In the bottom of the panel placed handle audio settings, to which I will return later. In the center — 6.3 mm headphone socket on the right — the volume knob. Smooth control, noise during the rotation of the regulator there, the imbalance of channels is virtually nonexistent. Bottom right is another line, made in the form of 3.5 mm connector, it is designed for quick connection of smartphones, iPods and other portable audio sources.

Now let's look at controllers sound settings.

Gain. As you can guess, this handle allows you to smoothly change the gain, adjusting it for your headphones. With this «whirlings» you can easily select a comfortable volume level for headphones of any sensitivity.

Damping. Four-position switch to alter the dumping factor of the amplifier. The effect of this setting is dependent on the headphones, some almost imperceptibly, others significantly change the density of the NCH. In General, it is possible to experimentally find a good value.

HF. Adjustment of the high frequencies, useful in some cases, you can add brightness to it. The regulator works in a rather high-lying area AFC and does the job gently, but firmly.

Depth. This pen is responsible for the depth of an imaginary scene, its impact also depends on the headphone and the listener, but overall its rotation to the right makes the scene a little more distant and wider and to the left decreases and brings it. It's probably some implementation of crostada (or maybe not), but the effect it gives fun, and play with it. Although some headphones the effect was on the verge of the audible.

Balance. Everything is so clear, balance adjustment between channels. Don't know why it might be useful, but in most of such amplifiers is not possible, and here did, which is why the stock setup makes me happy.



To listen To the following equipment was used.

  • and in the role of DAC
  • the
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 as a source
  • the
  • the role player
  • the
  • and an extra sources
  • the
  • Headphones: , , , , and others.
  • the
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

As usual, this part can be divided into two parts: the sound with and without.

For a $ 200 device, the amplifier is not just good, but, frankly, close to the standard: deep and tight bass, musical mid, neat HF. Overall — a great companion for headphone mid-price segment, especially full-size.

If without regard to price, it turns out.

The Bass is very deep, but not beyond, the lower the bass, if headphones played well, but he lacks a bit of speed. The midbass and above — very high-speed, textures are well done, and the separation of instruments is commendable. But, of course, to speed performance expensive top models of the amplifier does not hold, the attack is slightly softened.

The MIDs — also available without harshness and with a slight disguise of microdialysate. This allows the Capella to play melodically and to escape the cold of analyticity. Lovers of sharp and totally neutral delivery model will not work, but it is tolerant to low-quality tracks. The emotions transferred well, without excessive embellishments, which I love in cheap models. An imaginary scene — a little more than average width and the average depth, the separation of plans is moderate. However, a lot depends on the position of the handle depth. The size of the tools a little less real, but their character is transmitted reliably.

The high-frequency range, as usual — the one that most demonstrates the difference of levels of the devices. Here is a fairly detailed treble, without harshness, but they are traditionally for a budget device, not enough consideration attacks. Because of this, «top» simplified disappears inherent expensive «tops» ease of presentation. However, if we take into account the price, the critical RF makes no sense, they are quite picky, not sharp and not painted, and it is an achievement for a budget device.



Due to the low output impedance and the smooth adjustment of gain, the amp is very versatile and works well with the entire range of headphones from in-ear to Panoramio, of course, with the exception of tight isodynamic models. He was particularly good with dynamic full-size models with medium and low sensitivity. I would like to mention its combination with the ZMF Ori (new name Omni) and Audio Zenith PMx2 (although they, of course, something better top-end).

Genre amplifier universal and does not have clearly defined preferences. Of course, for technically challenging genres preferably a device of a higher level, but Capella cope with complex styles are very good for its price. The quality of the recording amplifier tolerant, I would rate it 6 on a 10-point scale.

Several traditional tracks for example

Tuomas Holopainen — Dreamtime. Classic play from «megamind.» Nightwish repeatedly got in my collection. This time I chose this song because it is a nearly perfect test for low frequencies. Capella nice passes, showing a qualitative study and a good depth.

Kent Poon — Freddie. Better than good jazz, can only be efficiently recorded good jazz, and the album from which this track is taken, that's why is called «Audiophile Jazz Prologue III». To virtuoso playing here and added to the brilliant work of engineers records that, in combination with a good path gives you a great sense of presence.

Die Krupps — Blackened. I really love this work of German Industrialists who made a whole album of covers of Metallica. Long been familiar, and often boring songs have acquired a new, cold, soulless sound, a characteristic style. Capella is good with the transmission of this filing, maintaining its nuances.



More than a year this amp performs regularly in my as «workhorse» and during that time has established itself from the best side. Inexpensive device with good power,...


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