Why I buy a car with a hybrid engine, for example, the Lexus RX


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Why I buy a car with a hybrid engine, for example, the Lexus RX

In that time, the greatest interest now and vehicles with hybrid power plants, cars with conventional gasoline engines many people already seem to be "dinosaurs." But it is not so: Yes, electric cars can be called more technological, however, in many cases without the traditional unit can not do. I once had to drive 700 miles without stopping, and here even the top-end Tesla would have surrendered already half way through.

In addition, automakers are constantly working on updating their cars. Come down to the fact that the total length of wires in the car sometimes reaches 5 kilometers, and just the car is often smarter than human, with all of these systems hold in the flow, automatic braking and monitor driver. A long trip I like, so when I had the opportunity to ride behind the wheel of the updated Lexus RX from Marseille to Lyon, gladly accepted this challenge. It's a great opportunity to understand the abilities of modern cars, and that completely abandon petrol engines is not worth it.

Winter in Provence, of course, a good

Why you need a hybrid engine

During the test drive I was able to ride on a few models of the Lexus RX, but most of the time I spent behind the wheel of a hybrid version. Why is it necessary? In fact it is something between an electric car and a car with a traditional powertrain: you can safely go on petrol (and not to think that after 400 miles you need to look for an outlet), but if the fuel still runs out, you can drive up to 100 kilometers on just one motor. The electric motor is recharged on the go by yourself and not from an outlet.

How it works hybrid

In the traditional sense of the hybrid electric motor assists the combustion engine when accelerating, and when braking, regenerative energy stores — and it is charging. But the Lexus RX engine and the electric motor are constantly interacting: the engine turns the wheels paired with an electric motor, while rotating the generator. adjusts engine speed and generator, transforming this system in a continuously variable transmission ECVT.

the engine turns the wheels paired with an electric motor, while rotating the generator (for example, Lexus NX)

A Hybrid setup from Lexus is a petrol engine which is combined with two electric motor-generators that are installed in parallel. The overall efficiency of such power plant is 313 horsepower. The only negative — can not be forced to go to one electric.

the Device of the hybrid car Lexus RX

If the torque on the front wheels is not enough or they start to slip, connects back electric. At speeds above 115 km/h running only petrol installation, in order not to waste battery power.

Features of the Lexus RX

In Addition to the changed looks like the new contour of the headlamps and fog lamps at the bottom of the bumper, there is a more significant innovations. So, in the new model, redesigned chassis, and began to use a more rigid body. Due to the migration of shocks and the increased thickness of the rear stabilizer machine rulitsya better and confident on bad roads. Your role here is played by the adaptive suspension, which itself adapts to road conditions.

Updated Lexus RX

Updated headlights and protivotumanok location

Actually work on the car was done enormous — from the recalibration of the electric power steering to improved noise isolation. I'll tell you that the cabin of the RX is really quiet, and it does not matter, you rush 110 km/h on the highway or making their way through the dense forest.


of the driver assistance System

Here, too, abound. So, the automatic emergency braking system able to recognize cyclists and pedestrians, both day and night. On Russian roads is especially important, but on the way to Lyon when it was already dark and the street lighting left much to be desired, I appreciated the benefits of this system. Plus there is the recognition of road signs with the camera and the ability to adjust the speed under the current limit on the cruise control.

More accurately began working as an assistant who keeps the car in the center lane. Even while Parking the RX brakes itself if suddenly you are distracted. And lights BladeScan allow you to change the beam non-dazzling high beam superplane, so you not only get a good overview at night, but not blind drivers in the oncoming flow. Of course, there are such lights as the wing of the plane (okay, slightly less) so, probably, there's so many driver assistance systems. Damage Faro nobody wants.

work lights BladeScan — the road is well lit, but the oncoming traffic they blind


Multimedia system Lexus RX

interior of the car, of course, a good — the Japanese definitely have a taste

I've been watching the development of the Lexus and was pleasantly surprised that the RX finally "delivered" Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Expensive versions of the machine is the screen is 12.3 inches in the base — 8inches, which is also good. However, to control with the touchpad to get used very difficult. And he head the interface looks not too modern. If you connect the iPhone, then it's cool, but without the CarPlay interface seems old. By the way, Android Auto connect the first time failed, but here, it seems, the issues are not the manufacturer of the car, and to Android in General, because with the iPhone everything works like a clock.

CarPlay works like a clock.

a lot more like to use Google maps than the built in navigation

Really liked the projected display. This is not new in the automotive industry, but it is realized as comfortably as possible.

Test drive Lexus RX

Before describing the sensations of driving the car will tell briefly about the proposed power units, because their choice depends on many things. Junior version of the RX 300 is installed two-liter "turboservice" 238 HP This, frankly, is small, for such large crossover need an engine more powerful. At sharp overtaking lacked the “flavor” inherent in the specifications by power plant above 300 HP

The RX 350 — it's quite another matter. With 300 horses and 370 Nm, motor 3.5 V6. It provides the necessary dynamics, it was particularly noticeable when driving on the serpentine near the village in France. It is important to go not only quickly, but carefully, until the gorge is less than two meters. Acceleration takes less time, and the roar from under the hood already drifted more interesting, once you understand that you will be considered on the road. The fun is going to cost more than 4 million rubles.

the RX 350 — the most popular modification

by the Way, the machine is specially brought from Moscow to France

The F Sport is a special modification of the RX characteristic with a sports orientation. That you are in the F Sport, known to all: the special logos are everywhere — from the selector lever to the steering wheel. Front bumper, grille, inserts of the interior — all exclusive to the F Sport. Even the first row seats made specially for this version — they are more ergonomic and have a better side support.

On the streamer F Sport feels like a fish in water

The Hybrid RX 450h is half a million more expensive and develops 313 forces. And this is one of the most interesting cars that I had to go. Where you want to be quicker — it will accelerate, but while he was not "ordered", this smooth steamer just send your information to the destination. This is a great option for the city, where, as a rule, the more you stand in traffic jams than moving forward (this was especially evident in the narrow streets of Marseille). In this case, absolutely no difference how many seconds the car sprints to “hundred” in the first place appreciate a smooth ride, comfort and economy (with Eco driving mode to make it even easier).

The Car is configured in such a way that all systems working in symbiosis, ensure a comfortable and safe driving, even at significant potential under the hood. Box working smoothly with the engine, was in no hurry to switch and if you felt that the “tear” is not yet come. The consumption in mixed mode barely exceeded 6 liters per hundred (needless to say that the "foot down" to squeeze, I did not hesitate).

A Certain part of the route I drove on the motorway with adaptive cruise control (damn, this thing really works!). But there were off-road area, which the car coped admirably. Despite the reduced ground clearance in the front due to the restyled bumper, the car never buried the nose in the way. Here, of course, important speed to survive.

met morning in France — a Cup of coffee, vineyards under the window, all as expected

I think that almost 5.5 million rubles — indeed a large sum, even for such a car. It so happened that he left the most powerful impression for the whole trip.

had a Chance to ride as a passenger. Weather in France was changing

Hybrid vs electric car

If you see how much in Russia and sell the same Tesla Model S (also about 5 million rubles for good packaging), I'd better pay attention in the direction of a hybrid like the RX. It also provides fuel savings, if not complete, but with this car the driver is much more mobile. Wanted — went from Moscow to St. Petersburg on a single tank (Tesla can't do that). Or spent the night in the woods, folding rear seats — space in the trunk is sufficient.

However, Russia still prefer cars with conventional powertrains. V6, 3.5 liter, and "growled". Probably, it will pass with time, but only in Moscow — in the regions the word "hybrid" is sometimes seen as an insult. Anda very good reason. Alternatively, there is the RX 350, F Sport modification, and a lot more other options. Few people take the most simple configuration, though they should not be afraid if your budget is limited — already in the base car is very well equipped.

But the hybrid will be in my heart. When a couple of days testing several versions of the same car can give an unbiased rating for each. My you have heard. And I can tell

something Tesla loses much hybrid


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