They finally did a good panoramic camera


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They finally did a good panoramic camera

Panoramic camera will be able to do what he will normal.

I have many years of using cameras from GoPro. I just love them. Like shooting quality, functionality, form factor, versatility and accessories of the manufacturer's approach. This year came the eighth generation of the famous Hero and . In addition to Hero 8 was a camera that can shoot panoramic videos without the need for further processing. This is not the first GoPro attempt in this direction, and I was curious to try it. To be honest I am very impressed with its capabilities, but the finish from use were a little sad.

In order to understand what could possibly create this camera, view the video posted below and just notice how you are shooting. Riders just ride and do not understand, who removes them. There is a feeling that shooting is with a camera. We already wrote about this , but it's not.

Only at the end I realized how this video was shot, as the creators themselves have given a hint in the form of a fallen camera. Let's see this video.

Understand how the survey was carried out? If you don't know that there's a camera with a panoramic lens, it is possible to lose a sense of reality. Especially when the rider throws the camera and it is just flying, continues to make it very evenly and smoothly.

In this video, you understand why you need this camera. But it is a very narrow application, because not everyone can shoot such videos, however, let's talk about the camera in detail.

what it does GoPro Max?

As the camera may lead a panoramic shot, it is for those who want to shoot in one direction.

It may be useful to bloggers who shoot themselves and do not want to rotate the camera to show something. This may appeal to those who are interviews, as you will not need to put two cameras, and does not violate classic movie eight. Even simple parents who take their children on the Playground, it may be useful, as no frames will be missed and the camera will always look “where necessary”.

Shooting at two lens gives a picture of total immersion.

Unfortunately, when we got this camera in Moscow was constant rain and it is fine, if I just didn't want to go outside. Even went out and just had nothing. Didn't want to make this vaguely depressing gloom. So, do the videos and we will beautifully tell about this camera. Although, of course, give a couple of examples of their operation.

this video contains footage taken on GoPro Max

I tried this camera in the case and made an impression on how it works. Let's start with the main characteristics.

Overview GoPro Max

Many people think that GoPro Max is the second attempt of the company to release a camera that can shoot video in the format 360 degrees. Before a couple of years ago released the GoPro camera Fusion, but it could not remove the video immediately and automatically to glue it. It was necessary to do additional processing, and the video quality was so-so.

it looked like the GoPro camera Fusion.

Even before this, even before the advent of cameras Hero 4, was quite an interesting accessory, which consisted of a cube, which houses six GoPro cameras. Later the pictures can be processed to obtain a panoramic video, but imagine how I had to bother for this. At the same time, the Chinese now produce their own equivalent, plus there are ready-made schemes for 3D printing. At the same time this accessory was released the GoPro itself. They didn't even hesitate with the price of the case. Exact figures can not remember, but it was very high. However, against the value of the six cameras that was needed for this case, the price did not seem so high.

Subscribe . They say not only about action-cameras, but also about space, the singularity of interatomic communications, electric, event horizon and a little about seals.

Now shoots panoramic video camera, which, though larger , but not so much. One of the elements that led engineers to increase housing, was doubled battery. She really has a big capacity and big size.

GoPro Battery Max larger than GoPro Hero 8 and other models.

The Lenses are located on both sides. They can work together when shooting video at 5K on the radial side and separated. When only one lens, GoPro Max shoots like a normal camera (one direction, not all around. In this case, however, will be only FullHD. 4K resolution when shooting on one lens is not supported. Perhaps this is due to the lens or matrix, who is forced to have restrictions. They are caused by the need to work together.

Such a lens makes its adjustments to the maximum camera settings

But, there are four virtual lens providing different angles. A similar picture can be found in Hero 8, but it was 4K.

For the control of cut material and for finished, has a touchscreen, without which in our time just anywhere. When I started to use the GoPro forthe output stage Hero 3, on the built-in display even did not have to dream. You could buy a mounted accessory, but it has not been so convenient and cost like half of the camera.

the Screen is well suited to remove what you removed.

In this case, the display can show the image of both camera modules. In normal mode you will see that shoot before him, and in selfie mode, shooting will be like on the front camera of the smartphone — it can be monitored on the screen. Thus, in this mode, the horizon will automatically align. It has already received some analog suspension.

Both lens covered with plastic caps, which is not very convenient. In addition, after dismantling it will be necessary to take care of their safety. They are easy to lose. Yes and they are removed very easily. GoPro would be worth better to work on them.

to Lose these covers is very simple.

But in place of the folding lugs mounting that appeared this year. I appreciated their use in Hero 8 here will stick to the same opinion. Many said that they hang out, but it's very far-fetched. If you tighten the bolt, then everything will be fine. Also, do not worry about their reliability. They bolted to an iron frame, but even if you break it, the replacement will only need a screwdriver and a couple of minutes. You can buy them on the GoPro website or in retail stores.

now Let's discuss the prospects for shooting 360 video.

Protection from water the camera has, but to remove the 360 video underwater is too dubious proposition. But if you want to use the camera in the ”as usual”, it is useful to you.

For more quality the video camera is equipped with six microphones placed on a circle. This year the company has made a big emphasis on sound quality. The GoPro Max it is also written very well.

Features GoPro Max

In addition to shooting video in normal and panoramic mode, the camera has the ability to record Timelapse and Hiperlapse implemented the same as in GoPro Hero 8. That is, you can shoot time lapse video with automatic adjustment of speed, then slow it down for emphasis on something and again continue the movement.

If you use the app, the video will automatically turn into a panoramic, and you can even watch it by rotating the phone around you.

If you would like to watch or video processing on the computer, you'd better download a firmware GoPro app, so once it is more or less sharpened by working with these file types. All popular editors will not cope with the grip of this camera. Despite the presence of a special plug-in for Premiere Pro, the job becomes more easy.

Thanks , the video size will be very small and will not occupy much space on the memory card. On the card 64 GB can be removed in about two hours of panoramic video, which is quite a lot. That's just the memory card is not included, in contrast to the Hero 8. But there is a pouch for carrying and storage. And thank you for this.

In this case camera will be safer than without it.

Should I buy GoPro Max?

Then I gradually move to their reasoning that began in the first part of the article. It seems to me that this camera is probably the best thing to happen to GoPro. After all the bad luck in the face of Karma and GoPro copter GoPro Hero 6, this year we saw something really cool. Hero 8, if not the best action camera, it just shares the first place with someone you hadn't called, and GoPro Max is finally a complete solution for shooting in the format 360 degrees.

the Right accessories is also branded GoPro.

I am Dissatisfied with this camera just because of the fact that it is very narrowly focused. Personally, I kind of only want to play. I love pleasure to shoot everything , DJI OSMO Pocket or one of my GoPro, but I'm hardly going to use GoPro Max in the same mode. At the same time, I understand that there are many situations in which camera will be very useful and even indispensable. Some of them I listed above, and the rest, every man will invent for themselves.

The Main advantage of cameras is that it is not necessary to position in space. It can just turn on and it will shoot all around. Just not necessary in this case to shoot with it, otherwise a large part of the frame will be ruined. It is better to buy a camera monopod. Processing in this case is good and the stick do not be seen. Proof of this is the first video in our example with the rotation of the smartphone.

When shooting better to use this stick. Then the picture will be really 360.

A Slight aftertaste, which I mentioned in the beginning, is the poor versatility of the camera. If the extra few thousand relatively GoPro Hero 8 I would have gotten just the possibility of panoramic shooting, it would be very good. Even the loss in the size of the camera I would not consider this case significant. But the quality loss is “normal” videos will still be. Personally, I often will shoot 4K 60 fps than panoramic video.

At the same time, if you know that basically it will remove the 360 video of something better, I suggest not. A combination of factorsdisplays in the leaders of this chamber. Though I will not say that I have tried all these devices, but that's what I liked. Of course, you choose, but this time with panoramas from GoPro has finally happened. Not what it was.


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