NASA transferred the photo into the music and it's very cool


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NASA transferred the photo into the music and it's very cool

Our universe is a place so amazing that sometimes reality are things that many couldn't even think. Remember Giordano Bruno? At the time, he was the only person who dared to suggest that our world is much more than just Land and . As we know today, Bruno was right: our universe is full of dishonest number of planets, stars, unsolved mysteries and even mysterious black holes. Still, there is one thing in the cosmos does not exist: sound. Without the earth's air molecules that help us to hear, up there in space, all you can hear is absolute silence. Perhaps better than any other is able to illustrate Stanley Kubrick in Odyssey 2001. Fortunately, the frightening silence of space did not prevent the experts from NASA to figure out a method of producing sound in space. Tell how they managed it.

the sounds of the cosmos

So it turned out that the space is not always silent – NASA experts have found a method of producing sound, it would seem that silence, even in 2019. This became possible thanks «sensing» image made by the Hubble space telescope, which recently celebrated its 30th birthday. Yes, today we can not only examine distant galaxies, but also to listen to them.

The Image that was chosen by the experts of NASA for this project was obtained using the improved for shooting camera the Hubble space telescope and wide-angle camera mounted in August 2018. Scientists are working directly with Hubble called the resulting image “a galactic treasure chest” because of the amount of it scattered across the galaxies.

Writes , scientists say that each visible on the photograph a speck is a galaxy, which is home to countless stars. So, a few stars closer to us Shine brightly in the foreground, while a massive cluster of galaxies nests in the center of the image. A giant collection, perhaps, of thousands of galaxies, all held together by the inexorable force of gravity.

Perhaps 2001: a Space Odyssey is the best illustration eerie silence of space.

Let me Remind you that gravity is a kind of CEO space – it manages all events that occur in the vast fathomless ocean of space. In fact, over the thirty years of the Hubble space telescope, we are so used to looking at images taken with it, that the translation of photography into sound and really seems to be something fantastic. But there's something else you need to know – this is space music that sounds at least creepy.

Space music

A Team of scientists who worked to create a sound image, explains that various locations and items in the photo produce different sounds. So, stars and small galaxies presents a short and clear sounds, while spiral galaxies emit more complex, more long notes.

Time flows from left to right, and the frequency of sound is changing from the bottom up, varying from 30 to 1000 Hertz. Objects at the bottom of the image, produce lower notes, while the objects located in the upper part of the image, producing higher notes. And in order to always be updated with the latest news from the world of science and high technologies, subscribe to

NASA's Explanation in the comments, NASA.

And although at first the music may seem scary actually «sounds» this painting created quite a beautiful melody, especially toward the middle when the sound reaches the cluster of galaxies called the RXC J0142. 9+4438. All because, they say at the National space Agency that a higher density of galaxies near the center of the image, causes a spike in the midtones in the middle of the video. Are you ready to hear the sound of a distant galaxy in the vastness of infinitely expanding Universe?

So here it is – absolutely new way to enjoy the Universe:

In fact, the space sounds are not incredible. Of course, if man in space, he can't hear anything, but thanks to science and modern tools, we are able to hear how the planets revolve, the stars burn and even flying asteroids. Of course, all of us would love to go to safe space travel, during which it would be possible to hear space objects. And actually today we have the opportunity – as aptly noted astrophysicist and Director of Hayden planetarium and new York, Neil Degrasse Tyson, can work wonders.

Now you can not only view photos taken by space telescopes, but also listen to them


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