Which appear in the brains of worms and how is it treated?


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Which appear in the brains of worms and how is it treated?

tapeworms look like

In 2012 the scientific magazine Discover said about Theodore Nash (Theodore Nash) — an American doctor that only takes a few dozen patients a year. A number of customers may seem insignificant but when you consider what kind of complaints people go to the doctor, the situation becomes clearer. Patients American doctor can't even walk, barely talk, paralyzed on one side of the body or even fell into a coma. If you look at pictures of their brain, you will notice that they have small tumors. On further investigation it turns out that within these structures live worms. It may seem that in this situation people have no absolutely no chance of survival, but an American doctor manages to cure them. The disease has an official name, but the treatment takes a lot of time and effort.

What is neurocysticercosis?

A Disease in which the human brain formed tumors with worms inside, is called a neurocysticercosis. It is caused by the tapeworm Taenia solium, which is also known as pork tapeworm. Adult length can reach 3 meters, and the head part are arranged suckers, by which it attaches to the intestines of animals. Carriers of these parasites, most of them .

the Head of the pork tapeworm with suckers

The Worms get into the brain at once — to make it happen, you need special conditions. First eggs of the pork tapeworm enter the animals through the land, accumulate in the meat and from them larvae hatch. When a person eats infected meat, the larvae fall in his intestines and eventually grow, causing the disease called taeniasis — symptoms include weakness, nausea, and cramping abdominal pain. This disease is treated with drug fenasala or extract of male fern that kill parasites and excreted.

Meat infected with pork tapeworm

Worms in the brain

But sometimes there is an unusual situation — in the human body are the larvae and eggs of the pork tapeworm. For example, this can happen when eating messy foods. The eggs hatch into larvae and think they are in the body of a pig. Taking a wrong decision, they penetrate into the bloodstream and enter the skin, muscles, eyes and even the brain. They form tumors and can hide inside of them for many years. The human immune system, which usually expels from the body all the uninvited guests, silent — inside tumors, the worms remain undetected.

it looks like the brain is infected with a pork tapeworm

Over time, the tumor with the worms grow and begin to put pressure on a brain area in which they are located. Depending on what area of the brain affected, a person experiences a serious malfunction of the body. If the tumor puts pressure on the responsible for eyesight the brain Department, the patient begins to see the bad. If the affected area, responsible for coordination — the person may be confined to a wheelchair. In severe cases, people fall into a coma or even die.

In some cases formed tumors do not make themselves known. Eventually the larva dies and becomes visible to the immune system, which quickly destroys it. Only now in the active work of the immune system is also in the process attacks the brain, who all this time had not experienced any problems, can not be damaged by worms, and immune cells. In General, it is very difficult and neurocysticercosis can occur in a completely unpredictable scenarios.

the Treatment of brain worms

Fortunately, in 2012, Theodore Nash claimed that neurocysticercosis is treated, sometimes very effectively. He once had a patient who had a tumor in the brain stem is elongated area located at the bottom. When the larvae of the tapeworms died, the immune system triggered the development of inflammation of the brain, because of which the patient fell into a coma. According to Theodore Nash, 30-40 years ago people would have died, but, thanks to modern methods of treatment, he was able to withdraw from coma and to heal completely.

A Breakthrough in the treatment of neurocysticercosis was made in the mid 1980-ies. Then scientists developed the drug praziquantel, which kills trapped in the brain of larvae of the tapeworm. Only had one negative — after killing the larvae, he provoked the immune system to the next activity, which leads to inflammation. It turned out that trying to cure the brain, and the doctors were trying to prepare the ground for the emergence of new problems.

Packaging praziquantel

This problem is solved by the fact that doctors give the patient praziquantel and additionally prescribe medications to weaken the immune system. It's not a perfect solution, because with a weak immune system people at risk of Contracting other deadly diseases. Therefore, the patient requires constant monitoring,which is many times increases the duration of treatment.

According to Theodore Nash, mankind ought not only to look for a method of treatment of neurocysticercosis, but also to think about how its development can be prevented. In his opinion, pigs can be massively vaccinated from infection. In theory, the same vaccine can be developed for people. But breakthroughs in this area have not yet observed that has long worried American doctor.

Read More about tape worms, one of which is pork tapeworm, can be found in the material, which was written by Love Sokovikova. In her article she listed the animals that . It was very interesting, so I strongly recommend reading.


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