The most bizarre methods of treatment of diseases of ancient times


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The most bizarre methods of treatment of diseases of ancient times

a scene from the Comedy series "the Clinic"

Today, the most common human diseases are well studied and there are effective medications. Doctors and many of us know exactly how it medicines are and what they may have side effects. But before science was developed very badly, and medicine to many people just were not available. As a consequence, ordinary people had tried totally different methods of treatment of diseases and sometimes they were too strange and even disgusting. In this article, we list several methods of treatment of diseases, the existence of which it is difficult to believe. Sometimes they led to death.

Especially a lot of "folk remedies" was invented by the Russian peasants, who had no access to professional medicine until the early nineteenth century. Due to the lack of education, people believed that diseases occur due to . Therefore, in case of any discomfort, they turned to local healers — the people who are allegedly familiar with magic and is able to cure diseases with drugs and spells. Here it was all "fun", because sick people were treated earwax, urine infants and dead animals.

fracture Treatment

Today, if a person breaks his bones, he at least tie them to ensure immobility. Then in the damaged place to eliminate pain, prevent the spread of possible infections and give the bones to grow together peacefully. Thanks to modern technology, patients can even return totally lost limbs — prosthetic hand already , which makes the movement of a robotic limb as accurate as possible.

For the treatment of fractures of previously used bricks

But what did the fractures in 1800 years? People were pulled from the rear wall of furnace brick and crushed it to a fine powder. To this mixture was added hempseed or flax oil afterwards it was boiled. Then, the resulting pulp is laid out on fabric that is fastened on the knot and was applied on the damaged area. It was thought that the heat and beneficial properties of the oils healed any broken bones and bruises. A brick was used, because the Russian oven was considered a sacred place, giving warmth and food. How well helped a bunch of bricks and oils, is unknown. Probably not helped in any way.

Help with snake bites

The Bandage from the wreckage of the bricks — it's flowers. Since hundreds of years ago many people lived near forests, they are often bitten by a poisonous snake. Today, if a snake bite, a person can get to a hospital, where he will give anti-typhoid serum. Their huge variety and they are very effective in 2016 author Sergey gray talked about the antidote that 18 species of poisonous creatures.

In Russia, a very common poisonous vipers

But the peasants such serum was not available. At the appearance of edema and other signs of poisonous snake bites, witch doctors daubed it on the affected area of human earwax. I know, right? But the sulphur had to be collected — if you believe the historical literature collection was conducted for all the villagers. Horrible, sickening and disgusting, but people believed that the more unpleasant is the treatment, it is more effective.

burn Treatment

Today, while getting a severe burn, with removable clothing and jewelry that might apply to the affected area of skin. Give the victim painkillers and make the dressing for as long as the skin alone does not heal. As a rule, even from severe burns can be cured in about a month. In very severe cases, surgeons perform skin grafts.

it Turns out that urinotherapy exists since ancient times.

In ancient times, burns were treated by children's urine. However, this is not so silly method of treatment as above — urine contains ammonia, which has a disinfecting effect. Besides, scientists believe that in ancient times urine was cleaner water which was used by the witch doctors, the risk of infection was minimal. Well if people's way of treating burns is unknown.

Cure fever

Today, to reduce the high temperature used, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic agents. The body temperature is lowered due to the fact that the composition of the drug substance affects the area of the brain that is responsible for regulating the body temperature. This area is called the hypothalamus, and the increase in temperature the body needs to fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

really really ancient methods of treatment disgust

In ancient times it was believed that diseases are a hint of the presence of evil forces, some people tried to scare them stink. Therefore, healers have used the most vile methods of treatment, which would vomit even evil spirits. And nauseating effect may cause the stench, and not what aby, and the bodies of dead animals. So suffering from fever people covered with fresh skins of sheep and cows — the stench was horrible, so healers were sure that evil spirits will not survive and will disappear, taking with them the symptoms of severe diseases.

As can be seen, for several hundred years, medicine has leaped forward. Of course, the charlatans, who still heals people of strange ways, enough so far. There is even a special medicine that, in essence, are completely useless, but it works due to the placebo effect. Perhaps, once long ago folk healing also worked due to the fact that people strongly believed in their healing effect. Read more about why the placebo effect works, you can read .


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